100,000 Smiles Campaign Raises Funds for Play Area

Every playground that we design is special to us, but now and then we design one that really touches our hearts.

Lexden Springs School in Colchester caters for children with severe learning disabilities aged from four to nineteen years. The school were in desperate need of a playground upgrade, as their previous equipment was old and only consisted of a few swings. The school works on the principle of helping young children to grow and learn through play, so you can imagine how pleased we were to design an exciting new playground for them.

The school’s PTA launched a campaign called the 100,000 Smiles appeal in a bid to raise funds to pay for the project; and along with some fantastic fundraising efforts, generous donations and grants, they were successful in reaching their £100,000 target.

The children now have a very well-deserved play area that they can enjoy for many years.

The play area features equipment that will allow children of all abilities to play together and learn through play, including a Jukebox Selection climbing frame, Team Swing, Play Mound, Gravity Bowl, Spinner, Play Panels, Adventure Trail, and Outdoor Classroom.

Emily Cornell, Lexden’s Transition Worker, was delighted with the new play area and the service that we have provided, saying:

“Thank you for your professionalism and flexibility; the speed and efficiency of construction has really been appreciated. And thank you for building us an amazing playground; I know that the children and the school will enjoy it for many years.”

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