Holiday Fun With Public Playground Equipment And Other Activities

Public playground equipment is now bursting with activity as the holiday seasons is in full swing. Teachers are now free from fidgeting children who have been dreaming of endless weeks of fun. Parents have been psyching themselves up ready to become holiday entertainers with small budgets and few ideas. Activities that counteract boredom and apathy are worth their weight in gold at this time of the year.

School holidays needn’t be a time of stress or panic because there are plenty of ways to occupy children without breaking the bank. Here are some activities that will make you wish that it is holiday time every day. (Or at least give you the option to make it more manageable).

Pebble Art Hide And Seek

Forget Pokemon Go, searching for pebbles is the hot new trend. All you need is paint, varnish, pebbles and somewhere to hide them. This activity spans a number of days due to having to wait for the paint to dry. The activities involve lots of creativity with the exciting prospect of the creation appearing on a Pebble Art Facebook page.

Once your pebbles are waterproof you are ready to hide the little treasures. Make sure you write your name and town on the back of the pebble so people know its origins. It is as exciting hiding pebbles as finding them and you get plenty of fresh air and ice cream if there are some available.


Geocaching is a worldwide activity reliant on the Global Positioning System (GPS). It involves locating a waterproof plastic container with a log book and pencil. You trade small items by swapping them which means your toy can travel all over the world. Phone apps and websites allow you to open an account helping you to locate them and record your findings.

They are great if you are trying to encourage reluctant walkers to pick up speed due to a competitive streak. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or country because there will always be a geocache nearby.

Public Playground Equipment

If entertaining your children is becoming tiresome and their energy levels are going through the roof public playground equipment is a wonderful way to allow your children to let off steam in a very safe environment. There are plenty of other children to play & socialise with which takes the pressure off parents who can chat and relax.

Playgrounds provide many different types of play experiences including; social, emotional, physical, imaginative and cognitive play. The greatest part of playgrounds is most definitely the other children because their games bring the public playground equipment to life. Add variety to the playground experience and tour the play areas in your region. There will be different playground equipment and a chance to meet new friends.

Libraries And Sure Start Centres

During the holidays libraries and Sure Start Centres have activity days. They are completely free of charge and always good fun. Libraries often have a reading challenge encouraging children to read a number of books during the break. They receive a certificate at the end of their challenge. Visiting storytellers and authors provide endless joy with activities and sharing their stories.

Activities at Sure Start Centres focus on play and provide stimulating activities that incorporate different aspects of play. They also give parents the opportunities to make new friends and acquire a support network.

Holidays with children are such great fun and a great time to make memories. If you would like to find out more about public playground equipment please click here.

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