A brand new flagship play area for Dalton

Our brand new flagship playground has attracted hundreds of visitors in its first month, as children flocked to take advantage of the exciting new play equipment on their doorstep.

Dalton Park, located just 10 miles away from the Playdale head office, was officially opened last month by the local mayor and our very own playground designer Danielle O’Connor, who had the inspirational task of redesigning the playground where she spent her own childhood.

Speaking about the project, Danielle said: “I spoke to local residents; parents and children alike, to see what they wanted from the play area. This influenced my design greatly and I was able to incorporate their needs, along with current trends in the play industry, to create a bespoke playground that I felt would be perfect for Dalton.”

Danielle’s hard work paid off when we were awarded the contract for the £235,000 play area; which features a six metre high mountain tower with tube slide, a mega swing, jungle climber, multi use games areas and lots more play equipment designed to appeal to all ages.

See below to view a video and gallery of the new playground and gain inspiration for your next play project…


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