A Playground Fit for a King

A Playdale playground has been given the Royal stamp of approval!

According to the Daily Mail, Prince George enjoyed a fun day out with the Duchess of Cambridge who visited his local play area in Dersingham to take on the challenges of the exciting playground equipment.

The future King is apparently a regular visitor to Dersingham Recreation Ground’s play area, which has been a huge hit with the public since it was opened in January 2015 and has received nothing but positive comments.

It features a fantastic mix of equipment, including a Jungle Climber, Jukebox unit, Board Rider, Aerial Runway and Air Rider, and it has created a great place for everyone in the village to enjoy.

Councillor Suzy Daniels is delighted to hear that Prince George had enjoyed his visit to the play area, saying:

“Seeing the playground so well used makes all the hard work worthwhile. And to think that Prince George enjoyed himself is just an extra pat on the back for all involved in achieving the revamp. My intention when joining the council was to give the village a play area to be proud of…..and we have certainly achieved that.”

Take a look at the article which featured in the Daily Mail on Saturday or read the full case study for Dersingham Recreation Ground’s project.

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