All the World is a Stage

This iconic phrase was coined by Shakespeare in his play, ‘As You Like It’, centuries ago and is still used today. Shakespeare’s monologue described the seven stages of man from baby to being very old. Studies have shown that children learn far more from play and imaginative activities than we originally anticipated. In the early years children tend to explore the world around them in a role play area in the classroom while older children benefit from exploring different characters in plays.

At school children generally only get the exciting experience of performing on a stage during school performances at Christmas or the end of the school year. Installing a stage in your school grounds provides the perfect opportunity for children to perform to their friends at playtime or indeed to the rest of the school during the summer months.

Exit Stage Right

An outdoor stage is the perfect resource for a teacher to give children the experience of following stage directions and performing in front of an audience. There are so many different skills involved in putting on a play such as; acting, costume design, make up, advertising, ticket sales and poster design that children could do either class or after school club project to perform a play at the school Summer Fair.

The Benefits Of Performing On A Stage

On the whole most children who enjoy performing in front of an audience are not going to be the Oscar winners of the future but they are going to have to conduct themselves confidently at interviews, talk to other people and empathise with people they meet as they grow up. If a child does not get the opportunity to feel nervous before a performance and learn how to keep their nerves in check they will find it difficult to be confident adults. Life is about acting and learning how to adjust the way you present yourself in different situations so practicing on the safety of a stage in the playground is a wonderful way to do it.

Open Air Theatres

Performing in the open air is not a new idea as an amphitheatre or outdoor stage have been used by theatre companies for centuries. Rowena Cade designed and the Minack Theatre overlooking the sea in Porthcurno Cornwall in 1931. Abbeys and other ancient buildings are also used as backdrops for plays performed outside. Plays performed outside can vary from the contemporary to Biblical Mystery Plays. Performing in the open air is a completely different experience to performing inside and different weather conditions can change the essence of a play completely.

The beauty about Playdale Stages is that they are constructed from square and triangular shaped pieces that can be put together in any combination to suit your needs. If you would like to receive more information about our stages please contact us here or phone 015395 39837 for more information.


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