Back to School Playground Equipment

Well, the time has come…

The sunshine hours are all spent, the swimwear is back in the wardrobe, and the barbeque is packed back into the shed, all ready to be brought out again next year. With the arrival of the new term, and the first whispers of Autumn weather, the new school year represents a new start. Going back to school can mean new beginnings and new opportunities, and parents will be full of hope when waving their kids off at the gates, many for the first time.

Children will likely be excited to get back to school – they can see their friends, get back in their routines, and life can start again. Kids can both learn and let off steam in a safe environment, and practice all-important social skills while having fun and getting some exercise. Having carefully planned and executed school playground equipment at school can be of huge benefit to children, and rise to new layers of learning.

The World is a Classroom

A school playground is the perfect focal point at break time. Giving children somewhere to focus their energy and play together can be hugely rewarding for them. Along with more formal education, play takes a huge role in your child’s development, and Playdale are interested not only in the physical and psychological, but in ensuring that play areas are joyful places to be. Happy children will be much more receptive to new ideas and concepts, be better able to concentrate, and will want to be in school that much more.

To make playtime even more focused, Playdale’s Educational Play range can make the gap between learning and play even narrower, helping children learn scientific and mathematical concepts outside of the classroom. Learning by stealth in a fun environment is one of the best ways to get lessons to “stick”, and shows kids how those ideas work in the real world. It’s a great way of ensuring they enjoy their schooling.

Give Life to Their Imaginations

Playdale are experts at designing and building playgrounds, and have been devoted to the craft since 1978. We have created over 20,000 play areas in 47 countries, and are dedicated to bringing the vision of your perfect playground to life. Whether your school has a large plot of green space, or a small area of concrete, we can help you realise your vision. We believe every child deserves a place to play, and in the value of play in education and child development. If you are dreaming of a new playground, and want to build or upgrade one to your exact specifications, now is the perfect time! With children back for a new year of learning, you can give their imaginations free reign.

Why not get in touch with us to discuss ideas and options, see our funding guide for help with raising money, or why not see our case studies to give you some inspiration and find out what’s possible? Playdale are as passionate as you are, and our expert designers can be on hand to advise you every step of the way. Make playtime a crucial part of your curriculum.


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