Big Ideas Grow From Little Hamlets

Playgrounds and play areas have been around for many centuries, first developed in Germany the concept of safe organised play spread to the rest of Europe and the USA. Manchester saw the very first children’s playground erected in 1859 and the first playground in America was built in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park in 1887. In 2007 President Theodore Roosevelt supported the need for playgrounds, as playing in the street was not safe, gardens were too small and children needed to have the opportunity to be boisterous and have fun.

Playground Design

The concept of a playground has evolved greatly throughout the years as we understand more about the benefits of different types of play. Playgrounds are generally designed for the needs of the community it serves and if they are run by a dedicated committee, playground equipment is upgraded when necessary. As well as traditional playground equipment such as; slides, climbing frames, swings and roundabouts, playgrounds include equipment that aim to stretch children’s imaginations as well as their bodies. Such equipment combines components such as; towers, nets, slides, climbing walls, tunnels and much much more in one wonderful system.

Stretching Little minds

Well organised playgrounds tend to include multiplay or modular systems of different sizes to accommodate the different ages of children who visit the playground. Older and bigger children are able to play on modular systems such as Junior Play Equipment, which is taller and much more challenging than the Little Hamlets Equipment which is built for smaller bodies and large imaginations. Young children only require a little bit of prompting and they are able to transport themselves to amazing imaginary worlds. Children learn a large range of skills when they visit a playground including; social skills, physical development, problem solving, determination and imaginative skills.

Little Hamlets Plus

In order for children to build upon the skills they have learnt on the Little Explorers Range Playdale has developed Little Hamlets Plus which is designed for children up to five years old. Little Hamlets Plus are not only visually and physically stimulating they also provide an environment where children can explore different levels and textures. Little Hamlets Plus are configured in many different ways allowing playground developers to select a combination that will suit any play area.

Ahoy Me Hearties!

If you are designing a playground with a nautical theme then the new addition to the Little Hamlets range will be just what you are looking for. The Play Galleon Plus will get even the adults excited when they see the pirate ship design anchored in the playground. Incorporating all of the wonderful physical experiences such as a; slide, playhouse, bridges and nets it will propel children’s imagination to another universe. There is nothing cuter and more fun than a bunch of toddlers standing on a pirate ship slapping their thighs and shouting, ‘Ahoy Me Hearties!’

If you would like to learn more about the Play Galleon Plus please contact us or phone 015395 39837 and we would be happy to offer you any advice.


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