Burning Calories is Child’s Play

Friday, 18th July 2014 12:52 pm

Children throughout the country are being deprived of the freedom and adventure that many parents experienced when they were younger, as the modern child tends to prefer video games over climbing frames.

However, children’s play equipment is continually developing as playground designers conjure up new, inventive ways for children to play and enjoy the outdoors.

In 2007 Playdale revolutionised children’s outdoor play with the creation of i-play. Cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly design combined with active, healthy play, made Playdale the leading playground design and manufacturing company of electronic outdoor play in the UK.

Since the installation of the world’s first intelligent play system at Barrow Park in Cumbria, the i-play craze has flourished and now features in seventy-two playgrounds, including the Netherlands, Spain and Germany.

The concept of i-play focuses around the current issues of childhood obesity, attempting to change the mind-set of children who favour computer games over outdoor play by incorporating electronic play into physical activity. i-play boasts nine action packed, exhilarating games that are designed to target specific muscle groups; the strategically positioned switches command you to lunge, bend, twist, reach and run your way to the fastest time possible.

It was produced following an extensive research and development process, conducted by Dr. Phil Hodgkins, Research and Design Engineer of Progressive Sports Technologies Ltd. Children were involved in all areas of the research and development, including: market research and questionnaires, mind mapping sessions, statistical analysis, and prototype testing.

i-play also has its own website where children can upload their scores, compare with others and fight for a place at the top of the league table. The purchaser of the i-play unit can access and analyse their unique usage data, allowing them to measure and record the number of games played; health data, including the total calories burned; and environmental data that measures the carbon and CO2 savings.

We’re very lucky at the moment and are being spoilt with some fantastic weather, so there really are no excuses for children to be locked up indoors this summer. With playground equipment as impressive as i-play, getting active has never been so much fun!

Visit www.intelligentplay.co.uk for more information.