Where Can I Buy School Playground Equipment Replacement Parts?

Wednesday, 4th October 2017 2:53 pm

Without a doubt, school playground equipment has it tough. It is exposed to the elements all year round and clambered on by excited children. Even the most robust equipment is subject to damage. Wear and tear can cause nuts and bolts to become loose and chains to need replacing. It is important to maintain school playground equipment for reasons of safety and longevity.

School playgrounds are constantly in use during term time so maintenance generally occurs during the holidays. Equipment should be inspected regularly with a formal annual inspection. It is not obligatory to have an annual inspection but it could weaken your position if a claim is made against you. Replacement parts are generally available from the company you purchased the equipment from.

Maintenance Checks

It is important to check school playground equipment at least once a year. Although it is not statutory to regularly inspect your playground it could put you in a weaker position if accidents happen. It is advisable to check playground equipment weekly so that repairs can be made before it gets badly damaged. If you are unsure of what to inspect there are courses available that provide you with all of the information you need. You can arrange for your annual inspection to be carried out by one of our RPII Accredited playground inspectors. There are a number of packages available to suit your budget. Regular inspections reduce the overall maintenance cost of your playground.

Our video below explains what you get with a Playdale annual inspection.

Why Should I Replace Parts?

Apart from the obvious health and safety reasons purchasing replacement parts is also very economical. In this age of austerity, council cuts and limited budgets make purchasing new equipment difficult. Playground equipment is built to last for decades, especially if well maintained and regularly inspected. Replacement parts are much cheaper to buy than purchasing a whole new set of equipment. Often the parts that need replacing are nuts and bolts that secure the structure together.

Playdale Direct

Playdale Direct is a Playdale site dedicated to providing replacement parts. Almost every part of your playground equipment can be replaced. Playdale has been installing playground equipment for 30 years and can replace parts for equipment of any age. No part, no matter how old it is, will ever become obsolete. This is very good news if your playground is well established and the equipment is old. If you are unable to name the replacement part you can take photographs and we can identify it for you. The most popular items that are regularly requested are; cradle seats, aerial runway seats and chains, bolts and washers, cradle seat clutch straps, a variety of caps and washers, nuts and bolts and graffiti wipes. In fact, there are over 800 replacement parts that can be delivered to you directly. If you require assistance in replacing the parts we can organise an engineer to come and do the job for you.

To find out more information about replacing playground equipment parts please contact us and we would be delighted to offer our advice.