How Can The PTA Raise Money For School Playground Equipment?

Thursday, 1st February 2018 11:21 am

The poor economic climate has resulted in many schools facing budget cuts. This has a huge impact on staffing levels and resources. Many schools have to face the prospect of making valued staff redundant due to a substantial reduction in income. This means that extras like school playground equipment, musical instruments, computer equipment and books have to be subsidised.

Financial resources need to be concentrated on staff and basic resources for children. This means that money has to be raised in different ways. Schools that have a strong Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) benefit from regular fundraising events.

When parent power is harnessed in a positive way, schools can continue to provide extra school playground equipment that enhances children’s learning.

What Is The PTA?

Parent Teachers Associations are registered charities that are affiliated with specific schools. They are made up of a committee and have to have a; chair, secretary and treasurer in order to function. Members are volunteers and consist of parents, grandparents, carers and teachers. The bigger and more active the PTA the greater capacity for fundraising.

Generally, new parents to schools are encouraged to join as they can provide fresh ideas and allow long-standing committee members to stand down. The role of the PTA is to organise events to raise funds to supplement the school budget.

Everyone involved is a volunteer and their contribution is valued by the whole school. It doesn’t matter if you can only spare a small amount of time as every little bit of help counts. There is nothing more rewarding than the unveiling of school playground equipment that has been funded by the PTA.

Ways To Raise Money For School Playground Equipment
PTAs either raise money for specific pieces of equipment or for general resources. Here are some tried and tested ways that PTAs have used to raise money for school playground equipment.

Christmas And Summer Fairs

The school year would not be complete without Christmas and Summer fairs. They are both held at the time of year when people are joyful and keen to part with their money. As well as making money from door entries here are ways that you can raise funds before the fair has even taken place:-

Charge stallholders a small fee to set up a table in the school hall.
Ask local businesses to donate raffle prizes.
Christmas hampers – ask parents to donate three food items each. Once collated three large hampers can be raffled off.
Children’s raffle – if each child donates a well looked after preloved toy there will be lots of great prizes.
Sweet cups – give each family a plastic cup to fill with sweets and sell them for £1.
Cheap challenge games – children like to spend their pennies trying to match cards, roll marbles and solve codes.
Become a member of a wholesale company so you can purchase cheaper food, drinks and sweets.
Beg, steal and borrow barbeque equipment and gazebos to provide enclosures for different outside stalls.

School Discos

All children enjoy getting into the groove at the school disco. If you enlist the services of a music-loving parent and borrow disco lights you have everything you need. Money is raised by charging a small entrance fee and selling; hot dogs, sweets, drinks and glow sticks. Discos can be held at any time of the year and can be adapted for different occasions.

Games Nights

Money can be raised to purchase school playground equipment by holding games nights. Games can be simple and sociable like bingo and beetle drives. Selling tickets, food and having a raffle can also raise funds.

Affiliated Marketing

Parents can donate money simply by logging on to an affiliated marketing site and purchasing goods. Affiliated marketing is when businesses donate a percentage of the purchase price. You have to log on to a site such as, ‘School Angels’, in order for this to happen. If parents can get into the habit of doing this when online shopping money will accumulate in the school’s accounts.

Playground Funding

If you are specifically aiming to raise funds to purchase school playground equipment there may be funding opportunities available. Playdale has produced a comprehensive fundraising guide to help you to apply for grants. Click here to request a copy.

If you would like to purchase or discuss the funding of school playground equipment please contact us here and we would be delighted to help.