How To Choose The Right Playground Equipment

Tuesday, 21st February 2017 4:55 pm

New Year gives us all the opportunity to refresh our lives and take on new projects. If your project this year is to replace old playground equipment in an existing playground or to set up a new playground, you have an exciting year ahead. Choosing the right playground equipment may be a challenge, more importantly, there are so many innovative designs that are also inclusive and have high safety standards. Seeking ideas from the local community or pupils is a normal process to follow ultimately it is the landscape and available space that will determine the contents of your playground.

Playground Committees

Many public playgrounds are maintained and funded by a committee consisting of local volunteers. Funds for new playground equipment are normally raised through fetes, cake stalls, parachute jumps, sponsored events and grant applications. Playground committees are essential in order to ensure that a playground remains open. Playground equipment is regularly monitored to make sure that it is in good condition and grass is regularly cut to ensure that the playground is a welcoming and safe environment. When it is time to purchase new playground equipment the committee becomes very active and the installation is a time to celebrate.

School PTAs

School playground equipment is increasingly funded by Parent Teachers Associations (PTAs) due to reduced school budgets. PTAs either raise money specifically for playground equipment or purchase equipment as requested by the Headteacher after a PTA meeting. Our School play equipment ranges includes exciting pieces such as; mud kitchens, sand and water play equipment, musical play equipment, environmental play equipment, trim trails and play panels. Generally, playground equipment will be purchased to replace old equipment or to complement school topics.

Inclusive Playground Design

Most playground equipment is designed so that it is accessible to all, some pieces have been specially designed to accommodate wheelchairs and children who either have restricted mobility or are sensory impaired. The exciting thing about inclusive playground equipment is that it is fun for everyone, therefore, all of the children who visit the playground can enjoy playing together. Playgrounds are much more versatile than they used to be as modern playground equipment incorporate many more play opportunities than equipment in the past.

Playground Equipment Advice

Play equipment for your project needn’t be daunting as your local Area Manager will meet up to discuss your ideas and show you our wide range of equipment. During the free consultation you will be informed how much space is required for each piece of playground equipment and the best playground layout. We also provide support on how to raise money for your playground equipment.

If your playground needs updating or you have a new playground design in mind and don’t know where to start, contact us here and we would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your options.