Circuit Training And Trim Trails

Trim trails provide the perfect opportunity to do circuit training exercises outside. They consist of separate pieces which improve upper and lower body strength, balance and overall fitness. You find them in parks school playgrounds and public play areas in many different configurations. Children exercise through play while adults incorporate the equipment into their formal exercise routine.

Circuit training is a group of exercises which condition the body through endurance and resistance training. Most circuits consist of six to twelve exercises which involve repetition and quick bursts of activity. This strengthens the muscles, cardiovascular fitness and improves stamina. People are able to incorporate circuit training into their daily exercise routine making it more varied and interesting.

Trim trails are made from timber and include activities such as; chin-ups, press ups, parallel bars, balance beams, ladder walk and sit-ups. You can arrange the separate pieces in any combination making them suitable for any budget and location.

Circuit Training

Circuit training involves quick bursts of high-intensity exercises which increases strength, stamina and builds up muscles. R E Morgan and G T Anderson introduced the concept of circuit training at Leeds University in 1953. This type of training is the most effective way to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance. People spend a short amount of time doing each exercise which allows them to lift much heavier weights and exercise more intensely.

Boredom is a major reason people give up regular exercise circuit training counteracts this by providing variety and challenge. You can do exercises in any order to suit your level of motivation and goals. Each circuit consists of up to 12 exercise stations which work on different parts of the body. A complete circuit works on the upper body, core and trunk, lower body and total body. An hour of circuit training burns over 300 calories making it a very effective way to lose weight.

Exercises include squat ups, bench dips, sit-ups, stomach crunch, shuttle runs, skipping and jogging. You can make a circuit with a range of basic equipment such as free weights, skipping ropes, hurdles and space for shuttle runs. People also do circuit training in a gym or using trim trails in public areas.

Trim Trails

Trim trails make circuit training easy for everyone because they are accessible and offer a variety of different activities. They are made from timber and come in separate units which makes it easier to fit into the space available. The exercises are simple and straight forward allowing even the novice to work on their fitness goals.

Each piece is built to conform EN 16630 safety standards for outdoor equipment and is resilient to all weather conditions. They are easy to maintain and replacement parts are always available to sustain the safety standards of the equipment. Trim trails are very popular pieces of playground equipment due to their versatility and the exercise opportunities they provide.

If you would like to find out more about trim trails contact us and we would be happy to offer advice.

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