Why Climbing Frames Are Magic

Friday, 31st March 2017 4:09 pm

Spring has finally sprung and playgrounds are filling up with excited children enjoying the mild weather. Without fail, climbing frames will be the first piece of playground equipment they will run to. For many children it will be the first time they have felt big and strong enough to attempt to scale the intricate structure. Others will challenge themselves to see if they can climb higher than they did last year. Climbing frames give a different perspective of the world and allow children to see much more than they can normally see. Modern day climbing frames provide a varied climbing experience and involve travelling sideways as well as upwards.

Physical Benefits

As well as being a wonderful form of exercise, climbing frames also build up body strength, improve balance and help to develop special awareness. Children who climb become more agile and more confident on their feet. Gross motor skills involved in climbing also improve fine motor skills, which are required when drawing and writing. Working out how to get from one part of the climbing frame to another develops cognitive skills and introduces children to problem solving. Climbing helps children to face their fears and feel a sense of achievement when they finally reach their goal.

Imaginative Play

Imagination is a wonderful gift we all have but sadly becomes less magical as we get older. Children, however, are privy to an amazing world where anything is possible and they can be whoever they want to be. Climbing frames become mountains that have to be scaled to save princesses from dragons. Netting become vines in the Amazon jungle and the top of the climbing frame becomes the safe house at the top. Children will play out endless scenarios and take on many different roles as the climbing frame changes into many different objects. Watching children play imaginary games is fascinating and entertaining – especially when they have to resolve conflicts and learn how to compromise.

Playground surfacing

There are a wide range of playground surfaces for your playground that will enable children to take risks without seriously hurting themselves if they took a tumble. If your playground is grassy, the natural bounciness of the grass will provide a soft surface to land on. Climbing frames that are located in playgrounds with concrete floors will require special surfacing to cushion falls. There are a wide variety of surfaces to choose from including; Grass Lock, Playdale Bonded Rubber Mulch (PBRM), Wet Pour, Loosefill, Playdale Synthetic Grass, Tiles and Matta Tiles. Your choice of surfacing can change the appearance of your playground simply due to the colours and patterns selected.

Playdale Climbing Frames

We have a varied collection of climbing frames that completely outshine the paltry metal frames of old. Some of them are named after jungles of the world and are packed with exciting climbing activities. The timber framed climbing frames also have cargo nets, rope ladders and tyres to add a little fear to each ascent. We also have Adventure and Play Frames that provide an obstacle course of activities to climb along. If you have restricted space in your playground the Log Cabin, Scramble Net and Twister can provide challenging opportunities for climbing. With twenty-one different climbing frames to choose from you will certainly find one that will suit your needs.
If you would like to discuss our range of climbing frames further please contact us here and we would enjoy giving you advice.