Corporate and Social Responsibility Statement

Issue 1

Playdale has a rich local heritage and the Croasdale family businesses have been an integral part of the local community for generations, as the company and brand grows so should the company outreach. Therefore, the corporate and social responsibility (CSR) of the company should reflect this.

This document outlines the definition of what CSR means in Playdale, describes the strategy for delivering this and how staff can contribute.

Playdale is committed to provide volunteer support to the local community. This initiative will be supported by Playdale where staff give a portion of their time to help a local cause that we believe aligns with our values. The Corporate and Social Responsibilities of Playdale shall include interactions with all stakeholders and provides a framework to ensure that the company maintains the ethical and legal standards set out by its board members and also its staff as a whole.Playdale shall endeavour to minimise any negative impact on the environment and have a positive effect on the local community. By doing this we hope to be a good neighbour and an active advocate of the Furness peninsular, South Lakes and Cumbria

The Policy covers 4 main areas:

  • Environmental impact
  • Supply Chain management
  • Community Investment and Social Impact
  • Employment practices

Environmental Impact:

Playdale is committed to minimising the negative impact that its business has on the natural environment. In order to do this Playdale has an Environmental Management System which is compliant with ISO14001.
Please refer to the Playdale Environmental Policy for further details.

Supply Chain Management:

It is our belief that Playdale should deal with only companies who share our standards when it comes to working in an ethical manner and to that end all our suppliers shall agree to sign up and follow the Playdale Code of Conduct for suppliers. This document outlines the minimum standards that we expect.

Community Investment and Social Impact:

Playdale will support local causes and initiatives through provision of voluntary efforts of staff, by providing facility time to allow them to be involved. Clearly this time needs to be provided with management approval.

Playdales chosen causes:

Each year Playdale shall nominate causes to support for the following 12 months. These shall be chosen by staff in December and announced by the end of the month. The work for that year will be coordinated by a member of staff, a “champion” of that cause, ideally who nominated them.

Staff will be invited to nominate causes during October and put these forward to the Staff employee forum along with supporting case, no longer than 1 page A4. These and requests sent to the company via email, post etc from the public will be considered at the November meeting of the forum and a short list created, these will then be put to a vote during December and the chosen causes will be announced in the final working week of December.

Decisions on which events, causes or groups to support are made in line with the Playdales priority areas below and are directed, where possible and appropriate, to those projects that support the following areas:

Our Customer

  • Children
  • Local Authorities / Schools
  • Tourist attractions
  • Leisure Industry

Education & Skills

  • Invest in education and employability skills of young people
  • To develop existing role models within the business to visit schools


  • Activity that supports the company heritage within the local area

Local Community

  • Haverthwaite, Leven Valley, Backbarrow, Furness Peninsular, South Lakes and Cumbria

Ad-Hoc requests:

Causes will contact Playdale throughout the year, not just in the period we trawl for nominations. These shall be considered on a case by case basis, however those that fit the previously described profiles will be favoured. If the need would be satisfied in the time scale set out earlier then these will be held over until that time for consideration in the next years discussions. If the need is more transient and can only be dealt with sooner exceptional cases can be heard by the Staff Forum (with 1 Director present).  If the members of the forum are not unanimously agreed, then a vote can be taken with each rep carrying 1 equal vote.


Playdale receive a large number of requests for financial donations to good causes; it is not our policy to make such donations in monetary terms. We believe we serve our community better by providing skills and support of our excellent staff.

Employment practices:

Playdale endeavours to be an employer of choice and as such shall follow good practice, employing the following HR policies and procedures which should be referenced for more detail:

  • Equal Opportunities and Diversity
  • Capability
  • Maternity, Paternity and Adoption leave
  • Absence Management
  • Holidays and Other Leave
  • Performance Management
  • Flexible Working
  • Apprenticeships and Young Workers
  • Employee Communications and Consultation
  • Harassment, Bullying and Victimisation
  • Learning and Development
  • Discipline and Grievance
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption

This policy shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors in September each year for approval and implementation in the following year.

Barry Leahey Position: Managing Director 23/09/16
For and on behalf of
Playdale Playgrounds Ltd