Creating a Community Playground Suitable for all Ages

A community play area needs to have equipment to suit a range of different ages and abilities, therefore choosing the right equipment is vital. Within a community play area the aim is to offer play equipment that is going to challenge and develop children whilst also providing maximum amounts of fun and enjoyment to keep everybody happy. Below are some things to consider and a few examples of age specific play equipment Playdale can offer.


18 months – 6 years

Children develop and learn faster in their early years more so than at any other time, so it is essential to provide them with opportunities to do so. For all the young children who will be visiting your playground Playdale has the Little Hamlets range. Learning through fun and creative ways builds confidence and skills. At this age stimulating the senses and imagination is key and the Little Hamlets do just that. They are great for role play, exploration and social skills as well as balance and co-ordination, with each different hamlet giving a different experience. They can also be customised in different colours and enhanced with panels, nets and slides.

Swings are a staple of most play areas as they can accommodate most ages and are a great source of fun, giving children good sensory stimulation and an exciting feeling of risk taking. For toddlers and young children we have cradle swings, which come in single or two bay designs and in either timber or steel, for whichever look you want your playground to have.


6-12 years

Children of this age have more developed skills and like to be challenged and tested. Equipment from our Climbers range would be an excellent choice for any type of play area. They provide all of the physical benefits of being active as well as encouraging imaginative, unstructured play.

A games area can also be a great asset to a community playground. Any of our Multi use game areas will be sure to keep the older children interested and entertained, with choices of hoops, nets or sports walls, these will allow them to practise their social and team skills as well as their ball skills.


Your Community Playground

If you are planning a community play area be sure to talk to people in the community first and gather their opinions. This will be a place families will come to enjoy for years. Playdale equipment is guaranteed to stand the test of time whilst also providing a fun and safe environment for children of all ages. Playdale can lend you a big helping hand in the planning and design of your playground with our free Consultation and Playground Design Service. This includes site visits, 3D animated designs, plans and presentations alongside, of course, our advice, experience and knowledge, to help create the best playground for your needs.


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