Different Types Of School Playground Equipment

Tuesday, 4th December 2018 4:05 pm

School playground equipment plays a vital role in the educational, social, emotional and physical development of our children. Play is an important source of learning particularly for children in the early years. The Early Years Foundation Stage incorporates play into the curriculum with a particular emphasis on outdoor play.

Outdoor play gives children the opportunity to benefit from the fresh air and nature while learning about the world around them. Playing outside is less restricted than the classroom enabling children to move their bodies while they are learning. Being outside allows children to be messier, noisier and more excitable than in the classroom which makes their learning experience much more fun.

School playground equipment plays two roles in a school. The first is as a learning tool for teachers who plan activities relating to the school playground equipment. Secondly, all children are able to play on the equipment during playtimes giving them a break from the classroom. There are many opportunities for different types of play that are either structured or free play.

Educational School Playground Equipment

School playground equipment tends to be both educational and for physical play making them very exciting places indeed. There is a huge variety of equipment available for schools which provides many play and learning opportunities.

Play Panels For Schools

Play panels provide a great opportunity for teachers to plan role-play activities relating to the curriculum. There are sixteen different panels available which you install either individually or in modules. Their compact size means that they fit into playgrounds without taking up too much space. Panels include; fire engine combo, interactive panels, campervan combo, mirror panels, clock panels, weather station, bubble, shop counter, whiteboard, games panel and drawing window.

Environmental Play

There is no better way to learn how to look after plants than growing them yourself. Environmental play equipment not only looks good it provides the perfect opportunity for children to plant and cultivate vegetables and flowers. There is also a composter, worm villa, eco inspection table and bird feeders for children to look at. Children learn about the relationship between the sun, water, dark and plant growth as well as the lifecycle of plants. They also learn about the contribution earthworms make to the garden and how compost helps new plants to grow.


Children love being the centre of attention and enjoy performing in front of their friends. Captivating an audience and remaining calm under pressure helps to build up confidence and develop speaking and listening skills. The main stage and square stage provide the perfect setting for impromptu performances and improvisation. Playing a role in a play gives children the opportunity to become someone else and see the world from a different perspective. Shy children find their voice and divas in the making learn to share the limelight.

Mud Kitchens

Mud kitchens are probably the most versatile and popular pieces of school playground equipment ever. The play and learning possibilities are endless. Teachers are able to incorporate maths, science and literacy lessons into play sessions. Children develop social, emotional, cognitive and imaginative skills while thoroughly enjoying themselves.

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