Early Years Playground Equipment

Early years playground equipment is perfectly proportioned for young children. It allows small children to participate in the same activities as their older friends. Many playgrounds have playground equipment to suit all ages allowing everyone to join in with the fun. Early years playground equipment comes in many bright designs which encourage physical, emotional, imaginative and social development.

The experiences a child has in the first five years of their life lay the foundations of their future learning and development. Preparing a child for the future is similar to baking a cake. You have to make sure you add all of the ingredients so that it will rise and taste delicious. Ensuring a child has plenty of learning opportunities makes sure they have physical strength, imagination and social skills. Early years playground equipment provides many of these opportunities.

There is a wide range of early years playground equipment available including; play towers, playground springers, role play, caterpillars and tunnels. They allow young children to challenge themselves at an age-appropriate level preparing them for the larger equipment as they grow older. Having early years playground equipment in your play area keeps it busy even when older children are at school.

Types Of Early Years Playground Equipment

Playdale’s early years playground equipment adds a burst of exciting colour and activity to any school, nursery or public playground. There are seven different types of early years play equipment including; play towers, playground springers, role play equipment, caterpillars and role play tunnels.

Little Hamlets Plus

Little Hamlets Plus is a range of multiplay systems and play towers which spark children’s imagination and strengthen all of the muscles in the body. They come in a variety of configurations in a wide range of sizes. There is even a pirate ship in the form of the Play Galleon Plus which is a must for leisure sites and other play areas. Children are able to slide, clamber up nets, conquer climbing walls and slide down poles. They are made from robust high-quality timber and sport a range of sensory activities on brightly coloured play panels.

Little City

Little City steel multiplay systems are suitable for rural and urban settings. They come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for children up to six years old to challenge their strength and dexterity. There are slides, climbing walls, climbing nets, poles and rope bridges to enjoy. Brightly coloured play panels bring a splash of colour to all playgrounds.

Little Explorers

Little Explorers are a selection of vibrant play towers that are perfect for a nursery setting. They are simple in design with movable pieces to promote physical and cognitive development. The playground equipment gives children the opportunity to experience bright colours and movement which provokes their imagination.

Playground Springers

Playground springers are colourful bouncy creations young children ride on their first visit to their local playground. They come in a variety of shapes including; horses, elephants and whales. Springers improve balance and spatial awareness through vestibular stimulation. As children’s gain greater physical strength and confidence they are able to enjoy rocking on the springers independently.

Playground Role Play

Early Years Playground Role Play equipment inspire children to create exciting worlds around them. Imaginative designers have created a wide range of equipment including; cars, tractors, trains, wigwams, petrol pumps and loudspeakers. They are the perfect addition to playgrounds, visitor centres and schools.

Caterpillar Range

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is an interactive storybook all children enjoy because it is tangible and has a beautiful ending. Our Caterpillar range supports the rapid physical and cognitive development of young children. Children are able to climb, slide and clamber on the different caterpillars which are available is a range of sizes to suit any space or budget.

Roleplay Tunnels

Roleplay Tunnels give children the opportunity to crawl through racing cars, tractors and sea creatures. Crawling is a major part of children’s development as it helps to improve balance and coordination. Children engage in social and imaginative play with their friends and learn how to take turns. Role play allows children to act out their fantasies and re-enact experiences from everyday life.

If you are a nursery, school or playground committee and would like to discuss your early years playground project with us, please contact us and we would be happy to offer free help and advice!

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