How Educational Playground Equipment Sharpens The Mind And Body

Educational playground equipment effortlessly highlights that learning and having fun are not two separate pastimes. Studies have shown that when people enjoy themselves while acquiring a new skill they are more likely to succeed. Learning outside has many health benefits and children who have access to educational playground equipment are also likely to feel more relaxed when they return to the classroom. The concept of the outdoor classroom has given playground equipment designers wonderful opportunities to develop educational playground equipment that is both fun and engaging.

Improves Vision

A study by the University of Waterloo found a connection between less time spent outdoors and increased incidents of short-sightedness in children under twelve. It found that children, in general, were showing signs of myopia much earlier than in previous years. Professor Deborah Jones, who was an investigator in the study, stated that, “Encouraging outdoor play and outdoor activity seems to be beneficial”. Educational playground equipment enables children to continue their curriculum based lessons outside in the fresh air.

Promotes Social Skills

Any activity that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk requires children to communicate verbally. Outdoor playground equipment often involves turn-taking and problem-solving so children don’t have any choice but to talk to each other. They will learn that it is much more effective to be polite rather than aggressive when wanting to take their turn. Play provides the perfect opportunity to develop social skills.

Increases Attention Span

Psychologists from the University of Michigan found that, “Interacting with nature can have similar effects as meditating,” ( Children’s concentration improves when they are engaged in activities that keep them captivated. Educational playground equipment combines structured and free play, allowing children to increase the length of time they participate in an activity.

Reduces Stress

Even adults feel liberated after escaping the office and taking to the hills, children are no different. Often the confined, formal environment of the classroom can cause a great deal of anxiety and children become unsettled and stressed. The relief of leaving the classroom to go outside and access educational playground equipment can relax children instantly.

Provides Vitamin D

A vitamin D deficiency in children can result in rickets and weak bones. Exposure to sunlight is only beneficial between April to September because the sun is too weak during the rest of the year. A short of time spent outside without sunscreen can ensure that children top up their vitamin D and remain healthy.

Educational Playground Equipment

Educational playground equipment is great fun because the learning involved is entirely through play. At Playdale we have the following pieces of educational playground equipment; Play Panels, Musical Playground Equipment, Sand and Water Play Equipment, Environmental Play, Story Telling Chair and Mud Kitchens. There is nothing more exciting, for example, than learning how plants grow by planting seeds and helping them to flourish.

If you are interested in installing educational playground equipment in your school playground then contact us and we would be delighted to discuss your options.

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