Helpful hints for working from home

Monday, 30th March 2020 2:29 pm

Working from home can be a challenge to both your physical and mental health. While some treat it a normal day in the office, for others, it can be a struggle to stay focused and productive. Below are some helpful hints to help you stay positive and productive whilst working from home.


Whether it’s to make a cup of tea or simply walk in your garden leaving your desk at least 5 minutes every half hour will help you stretch, relax and refresh. If you have headphones that connect to your phone why not trying working on your feet.

Keep temptation at bay by buying fresh fruits and vegetables and keep healthy snack options available to avoid sugary cravings. Consider adding a health/fitness app to your phone to help track your progress.

Set your schedule and stick to it! Working set hours, and then stopping when those hours are up, will give your brain time to work and time to rest.

Working from home doesn’t mean that you don’t socialise with anyone. Make the use of online tools, calls and emails to keep connected with your colleagues & friends. Communication is key when you have questions, concerns or just need someone to chat to.


Always have a (non -alcoholic) drink to hand whilst working. Whether it’s a sticky note or an alarm, try to set reminders to stay hydrated throughout the day.

A smile goes a long way and smiling when your conference calling colleagues, or customers can pass on the positivity.

Staying focused at home with your family around can be tough. Why not set boundaries with your loved ones. Let them know that whilst you may be home, you’re still working and need to concentrate and not play or clean.

Stay Creative: Working at home take its toll. Remember to stay creative in your spare time by finding a new hobby (there are plenty of free tutorials) or be nostalgic and listen to one of your favourite albums.