How Children Can Become Human Dynamos with Playdale Movers

A Dynamo is described by The Free Dictionary as, ‘An intensely energetic and enthusiastic person ’. The principle behind an electrical dynamo is to generate an electrical current through mechanical movement. Children are just bubbling balls of energy bursting with excitement. Enabling children to expel their energy through exercise and play is one of the healthiest gifts we can give them. Children who are not active and spend too much time sitting in front of a screen tend to put on weight, worry about their appearance and become increasingly more isolated. The health implications of children who are not very active can extend to the whole of their lives and they may suffer recurring health issues as a result of not exercising when young.

Participation in organised activities such as; football, swimming, hockey and dancing are a great way for children to learn discipline and how to be a member of a team but should only be part of a child’s exercise routine. Children need to be able to move around as much as possible during the day and a playground is a fantastic place in which to do it. Playgrounds have a variety of playground equipment that exercises different parts of a child’s body; climbing frames strengthen the upper body and provide a challenge, while swings give children the experience of flying. All playground equipment gives children the opportunity to interact with each other and experience both the positive and negative aspects of being sociable.

In the past, roundabouts used to be the dynamic playground equipment where children would push each other around with the sole purpose of going round as quickly as possible. Now, of course, dynamic playground equipment has been developed to take on many forms, and individuals and groups can enjoy the thrill of movement. At Playdale Playgrounds we have had great fun inventing dynamic playground equipment called Playdale Movers. This range consists of pieces that include the following verbs in their name; glide, ride, swing, rock, tilt, whirl, spin and these exciting adverbs; vortex, gravity and stratosphere. As you can imagine the thrill children will get from playing on these pieces of equipment would be highly enviable.

Just to whet your appetite we are going to draw your attention to The Mega Swing and The Board Rider because they are, quite frankly, super cool.

The Mega Swing

Well, it can only be described as thrilling and risky in the safest possible way. The mega swing is supported by a three point, dome shaped frame. Two children at a time can stand on the flat swing and just let go. No doubt, the sheer excitement of this piece of equipment will encourage screams of joyous fear and the fact that you can enjoy the experience with a friend is even more fulfilling. The Mega Swing is suitable for children aged 8 to 16 years old so would be a valued addition to any playground where children of varied ages visit.

The Board Rider

If you have ever watched skateboarders defying gravity on the Half Pipe (that is a curved piece of skateboard park equipment to you and me) and wanted to try it yourself then the Board Rider will give you your chance. Developed for children between the ages of 10 to 16 The Board Rider gives the thrills and spills of skateboarding without grazing knees and banging heads. Also, it is a great form of exercise and will definitely tone the waistline.

See our whole Movers Range or if you would like to discuss your options contact us.

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