How Musical Play Increases Intelligence as well as Creativity

Thursday, 21st May 2015 3:24 pm

Whether you are six or ninety-six, music has the ability to inspire, excite and trigger emotional reactions. Children instinctively sway and move to the beat; even babies are aware of rhythm and are soothed by music. Toddlers learn to listen to music when we sing silly songs to them and preschool children thoroughly enjoy singing just because they enjoy it. There is nothing more sociable than sitting in a big group singing nursery rhymes and learning how to do the actions. As well as producing music with their voices, children thrive on creating music by using percussion instruments. Once children have developed a taste for making music it can be the beginning of a wonderful hobby that can enrich the whole of their lives.

Playing a musical instrument promotes much more than just pleasure and enjoyment for the performer. Studies have shown that playing a musical instrument also develops a number of important life skills. Harvard psychologist, Howard Gardner, has theorized that human beings have three types of intelligence; mathematical, linguistic and interpersonal. He suggests that musical intelligence incorporates all three of these intelligences. When you look carefully at the benefits of playing a musical instrument you can see why he came to this conclusion.

Jackie Silberg, an early childhood specialist, outlines the following as benefits of playing music:-

● Improves language skills.

● Raises self-esteem.

● Improves listening skills.

● Improves maths skills.

● Stimulates brain connections.

● Encourages movement.

● Helps to relieve stress.

● Improves organisation skills.

● Encourages creativity.

● Helps Children with Special Needs.

● Stays with them for life.

Musical play is as much about the sound that is produced as the fun children have making it. Children instinctively use everyday objects to produce sounds and gain an awful lot of pleasure from it. With musical play equipment you can hone that creative enthusiasm and introduce children to an orchestra of robust percussion instruments that are located outside. Having musical instruments outside allows children to access them as often as they would like and encourages them to join together to make music as a group. Allowing children to experiment with sound without too much intervention enables them to understand how sounds can be combined to make the best music.

At Playdale we have designed five different Musical Play stations that can be installed individually or as a group of instruments. Our Musical Play collection includes; Xylo-chimes, drums, cow bells, washboard chimes and boom tubes. When you select your instruments it is possible to have more than one instrument incorporated into one table. To find out more about installing a Musical Play area in your playground please contact us and we would be very happy to give you the advice you need.