How To Use Outdoor Gym Equipment

Outdoor gym equipment is a brilliant way to exercise in the fresh air. Most equipment is easily accessible to tempt people to use it. It is brilliant for people who like to combine going to the gym with exercising in fresh air. Participating in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day improves health and wellbeing. Councils are particularly keen to promote exercise by installing outdoor gym equipment.

We have become a nation who spend more time exercising our thumbs than our entire bodies. This is having a negative effect on our health causing; obesity, heart problems, depression and a whole host of medical problems. Children are following in our sedentary ways will grow up more unfit than their grandparents.

Making outdoor gym equipment accessible to all gives everyone the opportunity to improve their health for free. Gym membership is costly and out of reach for people with low income. Outdoor gym equipment is free to use and provides all of the information needed to complete a vigorous exercise routine.

Where Do You Find Outdoor Gym Equipment?

Obesity and related illnesses cost the NHS billions of pounds every year. Outdoor gym equipment is a valiant attempt by local councils to encourage people to exercise more. They are positioned in prominent places due to the Nudge Theory. The Nudge Theory is a behavioural science that involves guiding behaviour by influencing decisions. A good example is supermarkets putting sweets by the tills so parents buy them for their children to stop them from whining.

Outdoor gym equipment is always within sight and free to use. Sometimes it is next to children’s playgrounds so your children play while you workout. Joggers incorporate toning exercises into their run by using outdoor gym equipment. Silver surfers defy the years by maintaining muscle mass and strengthening their hearts. Making it easy to access gym equipment makes exercising easier and hopefully, people will become healthier as a result.

Training Buddies

Training Buddies are exciting pieces of outdoor gym equipment that looks like a big red personal trainer. There are eight Training Buddies altogether each piece exercises a different part of the body. Each Training Buddy is built to EN 16630 safety standards and has clear instructions to ensure you exercise safely.

Sit Up

The Sit Up is the perfect design to help you to do sit-ups correctly without damaging your back. It comprises a headrest, leg rests, instruction panel and the traditional training buddy shape. All you have to do is position yourself correctly and do as many sit-ups you feel comfortable doing. Your stomach muscles will firm up and you will fit into your favourite jeans more comfortably.

Pull Up

The Pull Up is the perfect way to improve your upper body strength. It comprises a training buddy standing tall holding a metal bar. The exercise involves pulling yourself up either in an upper arm or underarm grip. It will make you stronger and help you to lose weight because muscles burn calories effectively.

Press Up

The Press Up is a clever piece of outdoor gym equipment because it helps you to overcome the difficult part of press ups. The incline of the training buddy makes it easier to do press ups and helps to improve upper body strength.

Horizontal Pull Up

The Horizontal Pull Up involves the training buddy lying horizontally with a metal bar held above the head part. All you have to do is lie down and pull yourself up using the horizontal bar. Your muscles benefit from a full work out and you gain strength and dexterity.


The Squat allows you exercise your glutes and quadriceps muscles perfectly. You position yourself on the training buddy which is in the perfect squat position and perfect the technique of squatting.


The Lunge training buddy is in the perfect position to help you perfect the perfect lunge position. All you have to do is copy the training buddy and exercise your gluteus, quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

Shoulder Press

The Shoulder Press training buddy looks like a superhero and after you complete your exercise you will feel like one too. There is a selection of grips to choose from which are suitable for all abilities.

Tricep Dip

The Tricep Dip training buddy suits people of all sizes and helps to improve upper body strength.

If you are interested in our Training Buddies please contact us and we’d be delighted to offer a helping hand with your health and fitness playground project!

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