Introducing the Next Generation of Playdale Towers!

Thursday, 13th November 2014 12:00 am

Bigger, better and bursting with fun – we’re delighted to present the next generation of Playdale multi-play towers.

Our legendary Little Hamlets, Jukebox and Mountain Towers ranges have been revamped and super-charged to give you even more activities, vibrant new colour ranges and more modules than ever before.

The new ‘Plus’ towers are designed to provide maximum play value for children, giving them exciting tastes of high and low level play, exhilarating speed and movement, challenging climbing activities, and sensory stimulation.

Little Hamlets Plus

This stunning redesign of our best-selling range will challenge younger children like never before –featuring even more exciting activities, new levels for children to climb, and more impressive modules to choose from.

Kingswood Plus

Jukebox Plus

An enhanced remix of our legendary Jukebox range has taken play to staggering new heights. Bursting with exciting new features, vibrant colours, and more modules than ever before – these next generation Jukebox Plus towers are guaranteed to be playground favourites.

Rock 'n' Roll Plus

Mountain Towers Plus

Towers with Altitude. Bigger, better and guaranteed to thrill – our upgraded Mountain Towers Plus will provide hours of adrenaline-pumping fun for children. Specifically designed for larger projects and high activity areas, these fantastic towers are visually eye-catching and packed with fun.

Everest Plus

Paul Mallinson, Playdale’s Technical and Operations Director, is delighted with the new range, saying:

“We’re really pleased with the new towers and believe that they will be a huge success worldwide. We wanted to create a ‘wow’ range so that the new towers have a big visual impact, modern styling, and unrivalled play value. We’ve introduced some fantastic new activities at low and high level which children can enjoy in a safe and exhilarating way. We’re delighted with the final result and can’t wait to see children enjoying the new equipment.”

Take a closer look at all of our new products or request a copy of our new brochure today.