Is Your Playground Built to Last?

Most playgrounds look wonderful when they are first built. A colourful and playful environment for children to exercise their bodies and imaginations. However many playgrounds do not stay that way for long, as age and wear and tear catch up with them.

While it is true that nothing lasts forever, some things do last longer than others. A Playdale playground is designed to persist for a long time, bringing fun and joy for many years. We use high quality materials that are tough and durable, so all of our playgrounds are built to be used again and again, in all kinds of weather.

There are many things that can cause play equipment to wear out – 

The Weather

Our head office in Cumbria receives its fair share of inclement weather. Your position in the country, as well as how exposed your site is, can affect how long your equipment lasts. Playdale can manufacture and supply playground items from materials such as stainless steel and hardwearing  Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) which will easily survive even the harshest climates. Our equipment is also rigorously tested, to ensure climatic conditions do not take such a heavy toll.

Heavy Use

Some playgrounds will only be used once in a while, whereas some (for example, in a heavily populated area) will be used by hundreds of children daily. Knowing how much use is likely can help to inform your choices when selecting equipment, and we can advise on what is most appropriate for your location. Similarly, some equipment is likely to be used more than others, with the most popular playground favourites perhaps needing to be more robustly built, All of our equipment comes with a guarantee of being fit for its intended purpose, whatever that may be, and you can trust that once installed, it will take all kinds of use.


Even the best designed playgrounds will wear out eventually. While we pride ourselves on innovative design, we also know that sometimes traditional is best. We can find replacements and improvements for all of your old equipment, and bring your site right up to date again. We also aim to make our equipment futureproof; none of our products will ever become obsolete, and replacement parts can always be sourced.

Substandard Equipment

Any playground needs equipment that will do what it is supposed to do. Unfortunately substandard play equipment does exist, and will of course wear out quicker, and even worse, may endanger children’s safety. This is not so at Playdale – all of our playground equipment manufactured is independently tested and certified to the European Standard EN 1176. Furthermore, all of our raw materials and components comply with British Standards, and our operations and manufacturing procedures adhere to ISO 14001. There is absolutely no cutting corners, and you are guaranteed peace of mind when it comes to quality and safety.

Playdale’s philosophy is to design play equipment which is original, exciting, challenging and fun. We want our playgrounds to stand the test of time, and to provide years of fun for those that use it.

We’d love to meet you! Please contact us if we can be of any help in designing your ideal playground using the form below. 


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