Our NEW range of outdoor fitness equipment!

Thursday, 23rd May 2019 11:10 am

Playdale is excited to announce the launch of Street Workouts by Playparc, our NEW range of outdoor strength & fitness calisthenics* equipment for everyone aged 14 years+.

The definition of calisthenics describes them as ‘gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement’. ‘Urban’ calisthenics are a type of street workout where individuals and groups train outdoors using gross motor movements including swinging, pushing, pulling, jumping, flipping and bending. It provides all the benefits of a muscular and aerobic workout whilst all the time improving psychomotor skills like coordination and balance.

The Street Workouts range offers three different units (The Basic, The Crazy Bars and The Allround) to suit individual sites and locations. They are a great addition to existing outdoor fitness areas. With galvanised steel upright posts and stainless steel crossbars, ladders and parallel bars, these units are extremely low maintenance, vandal resistant and really easy to install! The varying sized bars are all positioned at different heights and in different places to accommodate all exercises.

The Basic


Outdoor fitness is more popular than ever before. As people’s lives become more and more sedentary, it has never been more important to make regular exercise a part of your everyday life. The government recommends that everyone participates in at least 30 minutes exercise every day which improves heart health, raises fitness and helps to combat and remove us from these sedentary lifestyles. To be able to do this in the fresh air, in a place that is easily accessible and with no cost to users whatsoever is a definite win-win scenario!

As well as improving body strength, fitness and flexibility these workout units encourage socialising, especially for teenagers and young adults.

It’s workout time!

Take a closer look at the full Street Workouts range or request a copy of our latest product catalogue and price list.

*Did you know that the word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek words kalos (meaning beauty or beautiful) and sthenos (meaning strength; mental strength, courage, strength and determination). The art of using bodyweight as resistance to develop physique.