Where Are The Longest Aerial Runways In The World?

Aerial Runways or zip wires are exciting for people of all ages. The sheer thrill of gliding along the wire gives us the freedom of flying free from the restraints of gravity. Playground zip wires are easily accessible for children of all ages. Young children enjoy the ride with their parents supporting them while older children take it in turns to have a go.

There is no one person responsible for the invention of aerial runways because they are a way to get from one side of a gap to another. They are found all over the world and have many different names including; zip-line, zip wire, aerial runways, aerial rope slide, death slide and flying fox slide. All of them use the principle of attaching a pulley to a rope or wire and sliding along it.

In regions where populations travel across ravines and narrow valleys aerial runways are part of everyday life. They are a very effective way to quickly get from one place to another. Many zip wires are built just for fun so that adults can feel the fear but in safety. The views from some of the longest zip wires in the world are truly amazing.

The Longest Aerial Runway In The World

February 2018 saw the longest aerial runway open in the United Arab Emirates. It starts at the Jabel Jais Mountain which is 1,680 m above seawater. People reach speeds of 93 miles an hour during the 1.7 mile flight. The views are stunning and just going to the start point looks scary enough.

The World’s Fastest Zip Wire

North Wales the home of mountains, caves and slate quarries is also the home of the fastest zip wire in the world. Known as ‘Velocity’ flies you over Penrhyn Quarry Lake in Bethesda at over 100 miles per hour. If you are up for a triple challenge there are also zip wires through caves and forests for you to enjoy.

The World’s Most Extreme Zip Wire

Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal hosts the world’s most extreme zip wire. Claiming to be the longest, tallest and steepest zipline in the world. The High Ground Adventure aerial runway is 1800 metres long, has a 2000 ft vertical drop and reaches speeds of 74 miles per hour. You will see magnificent views and feel on top the world. The ride lasts a screaming two minutes with the option to bungee jump for further thrills.

The World’s Longest Icy Zip Wire

Alaska sports another zip wire claiming to be the longest in the world. There is some debate as to its length with variations between 1.7 km and 5.5 km. One thing for certain is that you will experience chilly, frosty and icy scenes which contrasts with the other aerial runways in the list.

The Most Exciting Aerial Runways In A Playground Near You

The Playdale Aerial Runways come in a variety of lengths and allow children of all ages the thrills of soaring through the air. Available in steel or timber with a variety of surfaces this zip wire could be the longest, fastest or highest in the world. Children benefit in many ways including improving upper body strength, cooperation and social skills.

If you are interested in our Aerial Runways please contact us and we would be happy to help….although we can’t promise anything quite as extreme as those above!

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