Making Playground Funding Simple

Austerity measures have not only forced the government to cut NHS funding and review the benefits system, it has also halted playground funding. This has resulted in local authorities closing playgrounds or abandoning new projects because of their restricted budgets. We all know that children benefit greatly; socially, emotionally and physically from having regular access to a well maintained playground. Voluntary committees and community groups are increasingly becoming responsible for providing and maintaining playgrounds. Knowing where to apply for playground funding is essential for the survival of local playgrounds.

Getting Started

Often playground upgrades are inspired by new parents who spend lots of time in their local playground with their toddlers. They have the opportunity to scrutinise existing equipment and consider improvements that can be made. If enough parents decide they want to make a difference they can either join an existing committee or in the case of a brand new play area a new committee can be set up. Enthusiasm and ideas can only be put into to place if playground funding can be secured. Money can be raised through sponsored events, table top sales and fun days but they are time consuming and take a long time to accumulate the necessary funds. Playground funding needs to be supported by the acquisition of grants as they provide a large injection of cash.

Playground Funding Guidance

Structuring your playground funding campaign is a lot easier than it sounds because playground equipment manufacturers generally provide playground funding packs that give you all of the information you need. Playground funding grants are readily available as long as you know who to get in touch with. Playground funding packs include a comprehensive list of companies and organisations who will issue grants as long as your paperwork is completed correctly and fulfils their criteria. Without a doubt the process of securing playground funding involves hard work and dedication, but by following the instructions in your playground funding pack, the journey can be a little easier.

The Playground Funding Pack

The Playdale playground funding pack includes the following pieces of information:-
Preparation you have to make before you apply.
How to set out an achievable action plan.
How to organise your budget.
Advice for when you are ready to apply for funding.
Guidance on how to structure your application form or letter.
A list of National and Regional funders.

Playground Design

Designing your playground and choosing playground equipment is probably the most exciting part of your venture. The whole community can be involved in providing ideas and support for the playground fund. Your playground funding pack and our advisers will enable you to design your playground realistically, within your anticipated budget and fulfil your dreams as well. It is also important to take playground maintenance into consideration and how the committee is going to finance the upkeep of the playground. As you can see from our case studies all of the work and effort to install a new playground is worth it in the end.

If you are interested in upgrading an existing playground or developing a new one and would like to request a playground funding guide, please click here.

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