Meet your new personal trainer!

Tuesday, 29th March 2011 3:31 pm

We’re proud to introduce our brand new fitness range, Training Buddies. Developed in conjunction with Youth Sport Direct, there are eight different Training Buddies, each designed to help you perfect a specific exercise technique, such as tricep dips, sit ups and lunges.

Ergonomically designed with users in mind, Training Buddies are manufactured from durable CGL and have an eye-catching abstract appearance. Install them as a complete set to form an exercise trail; or in isolation as individual training solutions to help users improve their posture, positioning and technique.

Unlike other outdoor exercise equipment, usage is limited only by your imagination, with a full circuit boasting well over 100 different exercises. Training Buddies make getting fit accessible, fun, personalised and technically accurate all at the same time! Click here to find out more!