Mick’s LEJOG Challenge: Day 3

The longest day’s ride of the challenge was a tough one for Mick, but it certainly didn’t stop him from powering through 161 miles to his next check point in the North West.

Mick spent the night in Lancaster where he was very kindly put up for the night by one of our former staff members, Jenny, who used to be a Playground Design Engineer and her husband Matt. Mick was very thankful and wanted to express his gratitude for the great hospitality that they provided for him.

His day was painfully long, consisting of 11 hours of riding time but totalling 13 hours altogether due to extra stops for food and a few wrong turns.

A funny story from his day – Mick passed by a group of kids who were pushing their bikes and he shouted over to them in his jolly Irish accent, ‘Come on lads, you’re not going to get fit like that!’ Next thing, one of the young lads had jumped on his bike and rode full-pelt, flying past Mick shouting ‘Come on then, hurry up!’ 10 seconds later he was shattered, which made Mick chuckle!

The rest of the day was challenging but fortunately the weather remained kind to him for most of the way up to around Preston. There were some tricky crosswinds to deal with but all-in-all it wasn’t too bad. The forecast is meant to change for the worse over the next few days but hopefully it will hold out for him.

Mick was pleased to see a friendly face on his ride, as Barry our Managing Director met up with him on route to supply a banana and an energy drink to keep him going.

By the time he arrived in Lancaster Mick said his ‘backside was moulded to the seat’ and he was ready for a hot bath, some good food and a nice warm bed.

After 3 days Mick has now reached a total of 436 very impressive miles and is coming up to the halfway point of his challenge. Not far to go now Mick, keep it up!

If you would like to find out more about Mick’s story or to donate, please visit his fundraising page.

Check out his video below.

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