Mick’s LEJOG Challenge: Day 4

Armed with orange juice and porridge, Mick set off on his fourth day of cycling heading to his next checkpoint at Moffat in Scotland.

Today was a good day for Mick, as his body was stiffening even more and soreness was worse than ever, he made it to Levens where he had some family and friends waiting for him to cheer him on. Meeting up with everyone was a huge lift for him and he was very appreciative and touched by the support that everyone has shown.

One of his good friends, Phil, joined him on his ride which has been one of his highlights. After being on the road for so long by himself, to have some company was superb and really helped to pick up his spirits.

They stopped at Shap village for a chicken baguette before carrying on to Carlisle. 6 – 7 miles out from the city Mick was shocked as a vehicle pulled up alongside and it was our Chairman, John. Mick’s face was a picture and they stopped to take a few selfies and videos before John wished him well for the rest of his journey and he parted ways with Phil.

At this point, Mick was asked by another cyclist who was asking for directions to the big hill in Shap. Mick pointed out that he was on it and they shared a joke as the guy was pushing his bike up the big hill while Mick was riding up it!

Mick had another stop at Carlisle for a sandwich and some crisps before pushing onto Scotland. He met some lads from Manchester at the Scottish border sign, stopping for a few photographs and they were amazed at how quickly Mick was taking on LEJOG.

There were points in his day that were dragging and Mick had to focus his mind on why he was doing the challenge, think about the charities and remind himself that he was doing it for all of the right reasons. The final push up to Moffat was on the backroads and was hard work, but Mick put his music on and was given a boost as the Proclaimers – 500 Miles came on at the perfect time as he got into the town at around 6pm, completing 128 miles.

Mick wanted to thank everyone for his support, everyone that met up with him, his family and friends and Phil for riding with him – it was a real boost and will help him continue his mission tomorrow.

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