Mud Kitchens….Yes MUD Kitchens

Monday, 18th July 2016 1:03 pm

Mud kitchens are popular with children from all over the world due to their simplicity and amazing play value.  On the surface they look like a natural role play area for preparing pretend food but if we dig deeper, there are actually many health benefits from playing with mud.  Children naturally gravitate to mud kitchens and generally end up taking some of the mud home on their clothes.  Here are some fantastic reasons why schools are right to encourage children to play with mud.

As Happy As A Pig In Muck
Mud contains a microscopic micro bacteria called, ‘mycobacterium’, that actually increases serotonin production.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that; relaxes muscles, aids transmission of impulses between nerve cells, regulates cyclic body processes and is renowned for improving health and well-being.  If you are ever lucky enough to observe children playing in mud kitchens, you will notice that every single one of them is smiling and having fun.  After such an uplifting playtime children will enter the classroom relaxed and ready to learn.

Science In A Saucepan
Mud kitchens are not only good for cooking dandelion soup and mud pies they also make awesome science labs.  Children discover that not all soil is the same when they mix it with water.  They will notice that different soils make different types of mud, some soils mix wonderfully and make mud that can either be modelled like clay or painted on the fence.  Other soils don’t mix with the water very well and tend to floats in clumps.  Children will learn which soil makes the best mess and will generally choose that particular mud in future experiments.

Mud Kitchens Improve Immune Systems
This is probably one of the greatest reasons why children should play in mud kitchens.  We are not suggesting that they eat any of the dishes they create, just embracing mud can boost up your immune system.  We have become obsessed with cleanliness and are inadvertently making our children’s immune systems vulnerable.  Mary Ruebush, who is an advocate for dirt, outlines in her book, ‘Why dirt is good: five ways to make dirt your friends’, actively encourages getting covered in sloppy mud.

Mud Sparks Creativity
Forget neatly packaged construction kits with restrictive instructions – mud kitchens don’t come with anything like that.  Whether your school has a purpose built mud kitchen or a make shift one, it is the children who are going to make the rules.  At playtime a mud kitchen is a hive of creative activity. Children take it in turns to lead the game and suddenly they are transported to another universe.  If you ask them what they have been playing they will be able to tell the greatest story ever.

If you have a hidden corner in your school playground that is crying out for a mud kitchen our Playdale range is designed to suit all spaces and comes in many different combinations of mixing bowl hob and benches.  Contact us here for more information about our mud kitchens.