Why Is A MUGA Good For Schools

Multi-Use Games Areas or MUGA are versatile sports facilities that suit rural or urban schools. They are synonymous with inner-city playgrounds due to their space-saving qualities. Schools can engage their children in a variety of sports activities without having to leave the premises.

A MUGA is essentially an enclosed pitch in which a number of different activities can take place. The surfacing has markings for a variety of sports with football goals and basketball rings at either end of the pitch.

School playgrounds only have a finite amount of space where they have to fit in a variety of playground equipment. Inner city and very rural schools often have small playgrounds and few sporting facilities nearby. A MUGA allows schools to make the most of the space they have available.

Benefits Of Team Games

In this world of technology, the only time children work together is when they are online playing Roblox. Therefore it is essential that they get the opportunity to work together in the. ‘Real world’, to achieve a common goal. Team games are not just about winning they are really about taking part.

In life, there are winners and losers and that is difficult to accept but it is true. Children learn to be good winners and losers through teamwork. They learn that their small contribution is important and that there is no failure just lessons. The dynamics of a team is similar to that of the workplace and many other aspects of everyday life.

As well as learning how to be a good team member children also gain a sense of belonging and how to cooperate with others. Children admire teammates skills instead of being jealous of them. Respect is learnt on the pitch because it is the only way the team stands a chance of performing their best.

Children benefit from physical exercise during practices and full games. Being able to participate in team sports in schools allows all children to be on a team and feel the kudos of taking part.

MUGA (Multi Use Games Area)

Multi-Use Games Areas or MUGA are a popular way to increase the play facilities in a school playground. You can play team games such as; football, hockey, basketball and netball in a MUGA. Versatile floor markings and accessories such as hoops and goals make playing many different team games possible.

Children can access the MUGA at playtimes giving them the opportunity to hone their skills and compete against each other. Visiting sports coaches can use the MUGA to train children without the added expense of hiring out a sports centre. The enclosed area provides the perfect opportunity for children to develop their tennis and cricket skills.

New housing estates and shrinking school playgrounds are reducing outdoor play areas for children. Installing a MUGA in in your school playground may encourage your pupils to become the next great sports stars.

To discuss the possibility of installing a MUGA in your school please contact us here.

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