MUGAs – Encouraging creative play

Tuesday, 25th June 2019 11:19 am

Children and young people are encouraged to take part in sport and physical activity for at least 60 minutes every day.  Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) not only encourage children to undertake more physical activity, but they also promote aspects of creative play and social interaction.

Let them be their sporting heroes

Imaginative and creative play is fundamentally important to our children’s physical, social, cognitive and emotional development. It involves self-expression and the mastery of physical, social and cognitive skills.

Cognitive skills are the cornerstone of human development. They enable us to make decisions, solve problems, sequence events, follow instructions and a hundred other things. By participating in MUGA sports such as football and tennis, children can let their imaginations run wild. They can become their sporting heroes, whether it’s performing skills and tricks in a football match like Cristiano Ronaldo or serving an ace at Wimbledon like Serena Williams. Imaginative play allows children to explore more about the physical world whilst learning more about themselves through sports.

MUGAs are designed for a variety of different sporting activities and can also include unfamiliar sports such as football-tennis and handball. By introducing children to a variety of sports in a school or community setting it can help to develop their physical, social and cognitive skills and maybe even find a new sporting hero!

Encouraging teamwork

Teamwork skills are used in every aspect of life and children develop these skills from an early age. MUGAs provide a fantastic facility for children to enjoy a variety of sports, develop their skills, meet other children and share their sporting experiences. Participating in sports gives all children the opportunity to exercise and provide them with a sense of belonging. Whether this is playing football alongside friends after school, or with a game of badminton with family at the weekends.

Communities and schools can introduce sporting events such as mini leagues and creative events such as pupils vs teachers/parents football matches. Children don’t always have to participate in sports to enjoy them. Whether they choose to participate or just likes to watch their friends play, they are interacting with others and taking a healthy interest in sports.

We have a wide variety of MUGA products, all available for installation at your school, playground or recreational area. Installing a MUGA is the ideal way to enable children to take part in sports, encourage teamwork and develop their imaginations through creative play.

Playdale can offer advice when thinking about your Multi Use Games Area dimensions, funding or even the surfacing options. If you would like to learn about our MUGAs please click here.