MUGAs – Make the Most of Your Playground

Tuesday, 20th April 2021 10:00 am

A MUGA, or Multi-Use Games Area, can be an excellent addition to a playground. They provide a fun and safe environment for sport, giving kids the perfect area to play together. The hard-wearing frames and surfaces are designed specifically to be low-maintenance and resilient, meaning your play area is always at its best. A MUGA makes any piece of land into the perfect spot for sport, play and team activity, and is a fantastic way of making the most of a limited space.

Perfect for Team Sports

Team sports, apart from being excellent for physical health, are a crucial way to socialise and to enjoy time spent outside. Indeed, a lifelong love of sport and exercise can be gained from an interest in a team sports in childhood. Whether these sessions are in Physical Education classes, organised sport, or simply informal play, team sports encourage teamwork and  improve social skills, as well as providing good exercise.

Optimise Your Space

MUGAs  are perfect for outdoor activities where space is restricted, such as in cramped urban areas or on plots of land with a small footprint. There is no reason children should have to miss out on such opportunities just because they are not surrounded by green fields. A Multi-Use-Games-Area offers opportunities for group play even in the tightest of quarters.

These are, in effect, an evolution of improvised playground materials – a bucket on a pole, jumpers for goalposts – but built of robust materials, designed to take punishment and stay strong so they can be used again and again. They are also incredibly versatile –  installing a MUGA means that a number of sports can be played using it, and the equipment can be adapted to many uses. There is no need to buy specialised equipment that goes unused much of the time.

Hardwearing and Resilient

Once a MUGA is installed, it will stand even heavy use for a long, long time. Both the playing surfaces and the hardware are incredibly robust, and designed to withstand all weathers and all uses. MUGAs are designed to mimic both a hard playground, and a playing field, with none of the hard falls or muddy patches that cause problems on either. A MUGA helps to take away drawbacks of environment and climate, so children can carry on activities as planned.


Playdale can provide a range of MUGAs for a variety of sizes of area – from full-size pitches to more manageable areas for group play. Have a look at the full range, or get in touch to see if there is something to suit your space, and create an all-weather area for sports and team play.