How Multi Use Game Areas Encourage Teamwork

Multi-use game areas (MUGAs) are recreational spaces where a number of team sports take place. Parks, recreational areas, schools, playgrounds and housing associations benefit from the play opportunities MUGAs provide. They are perfect if space is an issue and there are no green spaces nearby. Older children are able to meet in multi-use game areas and play team games.

Teenagers benefit from meeting up together and playing team games. Being a member of a team teaches young people cooperation and respect as well as many other important life skills. Participating in sports gives teenagers the opportunity to exercise as well as a sense of belonging. Friends observe the games creating an important social structure.

Schools with small playgrounds utilise the space they have by installing multi-use game areas. Children play football, basketball, hockey, rounders, tennis and cricket in MUGAs. After school sports clubs run by teachers or outside agencies suit the area the multi-use game areas provide. They are also safe areas for young children because they have a perimeter fence.

What Are Multi Use Game Areas?

Multi-use game areas are exactly as the name suggests. They are rectangular areas with a perimeter fence which has basketball nets, goal posts and game markings on the floor. All you need is the equipment such as footballs, tennis racquets and footballs in order to play each game. MUGAs have a soft surface which lessens the impact of falls and scrapes.

MUGAS have always been synonymous with the urban environment and are frequently seen in city playgrounds. Rural and suburban locations benefit from multi-use game areas because playing fields are lost to new housing estates. Children enjoy exercising with their friends and gain a sense of satisfaction when their team performs well.

There are different layouts available depending on the types of equipment you require. Multi-use game areas have artificial turf with games markings incorporated. Sports walls provide the opportunity to play popular team games in spaces already available. They are perfect for playgrounds because they transform any space into a sports pitch.

Why Is Teamwork Important?

Life is about interacting with others and learning how to cooperate. Team games cultivate skills such as friendship, banter, leadership, cooperation, respect, high self-esteem, a sense of belonging, dedication and determination. Playing a sport also makes it easier to make friends when you move to a different town or country.

Skills learnt through sport are applicable in many different life situations. Children who are part of a team confidently join other groups and make friends easily. Knowing strengths and weaknesses allow children to make valuable contributions to group situations. Natural leaders manage their staff with confidence, encouragement and respect.

Most children won’t become Olympic athletes or play in the Premier League but they will have to live and work with other people. Having the confidence to be part of a team will help them to progress in their chosen career. While developing strong friendships helps them to deal with life’s ups and downs.

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