Multi Use Games Area And Primary Schools

A Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) is a versatile piece of playground equipment found in both urban and rural areas. They are synonymous with inner cities providing team game opportunities for children in built-up areas. Increasingly we are seeing MUGAs cropping up in school playgrounds due to the increase in housing estates in country locations.

Secondary schools frequently have a multi-use games area enabling the teaching of team games and providing areas for children to exercise. Primary schools are also installing them for the very same reason. They allow schools to provide a full physical education curriculum without having to travel to sports centres. Children are also able to enjoy team games during playtimes which are not only good for their physical health but also for social skills too.

A typical multi-use games area is rectangular in shape with goal posts and basketball nets at either end. Each has a soft surface with different game markings enabling a variety of team games to take place. Children benefit greatly from participating in team games including important life skills.

Benefits Of Team Games

In this world of cyberspace and virtual worlds, children miss out on developing real life skills. They become prisoners of algorithms and lose the ability to play together in the real world. It is therefore fundamentally important they get the opportunity to interact with other children through team games. The benefits of team games go beyond the physical and set children up for life. A multi use games area is the perfect environment to encourage these very useful skills.

As well as improving dexterity and general fitness team games also develop the following life skills; communication, decisiveness, teamwork, self esteem, dedication and a sense of belonging. Aptitude in these skills is as important off the pitch as on it.


Being able to discuss issues and listen to suggestions from others is extremely important in the workplace. Team games have rules to follow so children learn to listen to and act on instructions. Being able to ask for help when you find something difficult is an important skill children can practise in a multi use games area. Children learn to respond to feedback positively without taking it personally. All of these skills teach children how to become team players in all aspects of their lives.


Making decisions is very hard especially if you are not totally certain of the outcome. Team games require strategies so children optimize their chances of winning. Children learn to react quickly to an oncoming ball and decide who they are going to propel it to next. There is no room for indecisiveness because the other team will steal the ball from under your eyes.

Team Work

Being able to work in a team is vitally important because any establishment involving a group of people is also a team. Whether you work in a shop, office, hospital, volunteer, go climbing or run a charity event team work is involved. Understanding the importance of your role in the team means you will complete tasks contributing to achieving the collective goal. You discover if you are a natural leader or supporter and excel in the position you do best.

Self Esteem

Children are under a great deal of pressure to be happy but don’t always know how to achieve this state of mind. Happiness and feeling good about yourself comes from within and working together and sharing victories or defeat help you to recognise your self worth.


Committing yourself to a team involves dedication because you are not truly a member if you let people down and miss practices. Many achievements require blood, sweat and tears and giving up is defeatist and lowers morale. Studying and work requires lots of dedication and time management.

A Sense Of Belonging

We all want people to like us and to feel part of something. Sitting in front of a computer communicating with virtual friends is very isolating. Social networks do not produce proper friendships and being alone increases the chances of depression, anxiety and loneliness. Being part of a team reminds children that they are important and that others value them. Belonging to a group of friends who have your interests at heart makes life enjoyable and fun.

Multi Use Games Area And Primary Schools

A multi use games area gives primary age children the opportunity to develop their team building skills. Edutopia discusses the academic benefits of team games and how they improve cognitive skills. This directly relates to problem solving and mathematics. Encouraging children to talk about the games they play develops speaking and listening skills. Being able to stick at something helps children to increase their stamina when it comes to producing larger quantities of work. Responding positively to feedback helps children to improve in all areas of their work without feeling like failures.

Schools can also arrange for external sports teachers to come into school and teach the children to play team games. There are so many positive benefits to having a multi use games area in a primary school that installing one will improve the overall standards in school.

If you would like to find out more about our multi use games area click here and we would be happy to discuss your options.

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