Play Equipment Upgrade Delights Dorstone

Wednesday, 17th April 2013 12:00 am

Dorstone Recreation Ground, Herefordshire, recently upgraded their equipment, breathing new life into the play area and delighting people in the community.

The play area now features an impressive Jukebox Selection multi-play unit and a Timber Swing, providing more challenges for children of different age ranges and abilities. The Jukebox Selection replaced an existing Playframe which the children of Dorstone are delighted with as it provides more excitement and challenge to keep them entertained for hours.

Richard Catterall, Dorstone Playground Subcommittee, said: “Throughout the inevitably lengthy fundraising stage of our project, Playdale were proactive in staying in touch and very helpful with amendments to plans as they occurred. The installation was expedient and very professional; a faultless performance.”

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