Introducing our NEW Timber Snake Swing

Introducing Our Best Multiuser Swing Yet!

Bigger, better and bursting with fun – we’re delighted to introduce the newest product in our timber swing range. With its robust rope and towering timbers, our brand-new Timber Snake Swing provides high energy adventure and endless fun for large groups of children.

The more children, the better the experience! Our Timber Snake Swing is a social, dynamic, and adventurous alternative to swinging alone. Whether children choose to stand up, sit down or swing side by side, teamwork and momentum are the key to a challenging, thrilling and fulfilled swinging experience for all.

Whether it’s a standalone piece of playground equipment or installed with other pieces, the Timber Snake Swing’s robust and natural aesthetic will provide a unique play experience that’s perfect for all types of playgrounds. It can blend in with its rural surroundings, following the natural contour of the land, or stand out and bring warmth to a busy urban landscape- the possibilities are endless.

The high-quality timber and processes that we use in the manufacture of all our timber playground equipment have numerous features and benefits. As a result, our timber playground equipment is guaranteed to last for many years to come. We offer an incredible guarantee of up to 20 years on timber equipment.

Manufactured from polypropylene (PP), the robust rope is designed to support balance and coordination whilst swinging for many hours of fun.

It was thumbs up from our Playdale Test Engineers!

Find out more about our NEW Timber Snake Swing here. 


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