Outdoor Activity Ideas for the Autumn School Term

Friday, 29th August 2014 2:59 pm

So as the summer holidays draw to an end, we are already looking ahead to the autumn term (yes, we are that keen!) and if we are lucky the weather will still be good enough to spend some time outdoors when school begins again in September. Before it gets too cold or wet (or most likely both) taking the classroom outside can be a great way to get children interested and learning in different ways. Here are a few suggestions of playground games and activities which will get children to use and think about their playground environment in perhaps alternative ways to how they do in their lunch break.


Rubbings – Particularly in our natural play playgrounds there are many different textures which can be great for doing crayon rubbings. Get the children to find as many different textures as they can and see what they can create. Playdale can incorporate tree trunks and boulders into the design of playgrounds to keep in fitting with the natural environment as much as possible, as well as timber equipment, edgings, pathways and decking to add variety and natural boundaries all of which could make for some fine artwork.


Get musical – Musical play stimulates sensory learning as it involves sound, sight and touch. Counting up and down to music can also be a good way to improve numeracy skills as well as encouraging creativity and the opportunity to make a noise, which is always a popular activity! Equipment from our musical play range could be a great addition to a playground and they will always make a tune no matter what the weather.


Drawing and sketching – Drawing in an outdoor environment can be a nice change to sitting at a desk in the classroom, especially if the children are free to find and pick whatever they want to draw, whether that be leaves, plants, flowers or any other number of things. Playdale offers a range of options when it comes to including plants in your playground. All of our plants and trees are suited for a playground environment as they are not sensitive to different types of soil and are all easy to maintain.

For another interesting project, if you have a part of the playground that can be drawn on with chalk, get the children to sort themselves into pairs and then have one child lie down in an action shot and another draw around them, then dress the outline up in real clothing together as this will guarantee a giggle or two.


Sticks – A stick can be anything, it is a universal toy. Simple but versatile they can be used for a number of group and individual activities such as making a nest, creating stick shadows, weaving, playing pickup sticks, having a stick tower challenge (give the children 20 sticks, a ball of string and 30 minutes to see what they can make), or constructing their own hopscotch boards with items they find themselves in the playground. These sorts of activities also have the benefit of children finding and selecting the play objects themselves, giving them a stronger sense of accomplishment and achievement.


Of course classic games like ‘stuck in the mud’, ‘capture the flag’, tag and obstacle courses will also always be popular too; there really are endless options for getting children creative in the playground and engaging with their surroundings. If you would like more information on our natural play equipment please click here and to read more about musical play please click here.