Why Outdoor Exercise Equipment Is A Great Introduction To The Gym

If joining the gym fills you with dread, outdoor exercise equipment may be the solution you are looking for. Outdoor gym equipment is outside and accessible for all. Local councils purposely position it so that you can’t help but be interested in it. Outdoor gym equipment is free and can be incorporated into your daily run. Fitness instructors can incorporate it into their training sessions while penniless students can keep fit without worrying about the cost. The nature of outdoor gym equipment means that even the most reluctant gym-phobic would be tempted to have a go.

Bin The Box Sets

A toxic combination of long working hours and technology has made us lead very sedentary lives. Our love of box sets and on demand television is very detrimental to our health, in fact studies have shown that too many hours in front of the widescreen can lead to an early death. All of this sitting doing nothing has had a knock on effect on the general health and waistlines of us all. Outdoor exercise equipment provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to benefit from gym based exercises without spending any money.

The Nudge Theory

Obesity and its related health problems are a drain on council’s budgets and efforts are made to encourage populations to exercise. The installation of outdoor exercise equipment in prominent places is due to a concept called, ‘The Nudge Theory’, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein (2008). Essentially it involves directing people to make particular choices, in this instance the choice is to exercise. The same theory is used in sales and marketing, which entices us to purchase items that catch our eye. Appealing outdoor exercise equipment that is free to use and is interesting to look at should hopefully encourage people to exercise.

Enjoying The Best Of Both Worlds

Outdoor gym is equipment is perfect for those who like to exercise in the great outdoors rather than in a claustrophobic gym. Early morning joggers can incorporate press ups and pulls ups into their everyday routine. Parents taking young children out in their pushchairs can steal a sneaky workout while their babies are sleeping. Dog walkers can bulk up a bit while enjoying the fresh air with their pooch. Outdoor gym equipment is so accessible that everyone regardless of age and status can exercise together. Commuters walking home from work can even do a sit up or two so they feel energised for the rest of the evening.

Playdale Outdoor Gym Equipment

Playdale’s selection of outdoor gym equipment comes in the form of, ‘Training Buddies’, which are a friendly set of figures that incorporate different exercise routines. Training Buddies are intended to be like having a personal trainer with you every time you exercise. With Training Buddies you can enjoy the following outdoor gym equipment; Sit up, Pull up, Press up, Horizontal pull up, Squat, Lunge, Shoulder press and Tricep dip. Each Training Buddy comes with a set of easy to follow instructions so that you can exercise with confidence.

If you are a local council and are interested in installing outdoor gym equipment in parks and recreational areas please contact us here and we would be delighted to discuss all of your options.

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