How Does Outdoor Fitness Equipment Work?

Tuesday, 20th February 2018 3:08 pm

Outdoor fitness equipment provides the same benefits of going to the gym without having to pay a penny. Councils strategically place outdoor gym equipment where people can come across it easily. This is to allow everyone to have access to outdoor fitness equipment and improve the health of the local people.

Regular exercise has been compared to the, ‘best medicine’, by doctors because of all of the health benefits it provides. The chances of having cancer or type two diabetes are reduced by 50% if you exercise regularly. You also lower your risk of early death by 30%. (Source: NHS Choices).

People who exercise regularly are more likely to have a higher self-esteem and are less prone to depression. You don’t have to be rich to exercise as the great outdoors is completely free of charge. Outdoor fitness equipment allows you to follow a structured training schedule without spending any extra cash.

The Nudge Theory

Have you ever wondered why outdoor fitness equipment is difficult to miss? This is a deliberate ploy by your local council for you to use it because it is there. The Nudge Theory is a concept in behavioural science that is used to influence people’s decisions. It is most commonly related to economics and politics but can also be used to positively reinforce good habits.

Jame Wilk first came upon the theory before 1995 in the field of cybernetics. By 2008 the theory became related to public health and gained prominence through Thaler and Sunstein’s book, ‘Nudge. Improving Decisions About Health Wealth And Happiness’.

The resilience of the Nudge Theory is often questionable as some scholars believe it only brings short-term behaviour change. However, if it can encourage people who were once reluctant to exercise to get fit then it must be a good idea. (Source: Wikipedia).

Benefits Of Exercise

Exercise is vitally important otherwise our bodies will stop working properly. Sitting watching your favourite box sets is as close to death as you can possibly get. Many people sit at a computer all day and rarely move a muscle. This inactivity causes our heart, lungs and muscles to become weaker and less able to deal with physical activity.

As well as strengthening our bodies, outdoor fitness equipment strengthens our minds. When we exercise our body produces chemicals called endorphins which make us feel happier and more relaxed. We meet people when we are outside exercising and improve our social circle.

Most importantly our overall health is improved due to exercise strengthening our immune system. It would seem that there is no real argument against participating in regular exercise. If you do have outdoor fitness equipment near you why not have a go?

Playdale Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Training Buddies are Playdale’s set of outdoor fitness equipment. There are eight pieces altogether each exercising a different part of the body. Each training buddy is shaped like a friendly personal trainer. There are instructions by each piece of equipment so that you can follow the correct exercise routine.

The eight training buddies are:-

Sit Up
Pull Up
Press Up
Horizontal Pull Up
Shoulder Press
Tricep Dip

Each piece of outdoor fitness equipment can be purchased individually or as a whole set. You can have them grouped together like an outdoor gym or scattered along a popular path.

All Training Buddies conform to EN 16630 safety standards for permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment.

If you would like to find out more about our outdoor fitness equipment please contact us.