Outdoor Gym Equipment Can Improve Mental Health

The positive impact of outdoor exercise on our mental health has been recognised by doctors for quite a while. In fact doctors believe that exercise is as good as taking medication for depression and other health issues. Doctor Jo Barton and Professor Jules Pretty from Essex University conducted a study that found that exercising in the great outdoors was very beneficial. Although a number of national newspapers published the results the findings were never published formally. The NHS Choices website speculates that this was due to a restricted sample and location, also it could not be proven that the benefits of exercising outside outweighed the benefits of going to the gym. Outdoor gym equipment bridges both types of exercise and allows people to benefit from gym equipment while experiencing the great outdoors.

Benefits Of Outdoor Exercise

Without a doubt exercising outside, whether it is mountain walking, canoeing or just taking your dog for a walk, has many health benefits. Here are five reasons why you should grab your walking boots and explore the countryside:-
It boosts your body and mind – studies of people who participate in outdoor exercise say that they feel revitalised and have increased energy compared to exercising inside.
It increases your self esteem – being close to nature and often by yourself can remove the feeling of being watched so you can push yourself a little harder and set yourself challenges.
You may participate more regularly – if being able to exercise involves you walking out of your door without the added effort of having to negotiate traffic you are more likely to take some form of exercise.
It increases your intake of vitamin D – not only does it increase bone strength it can also help you to sleep better at night.
It is free – you won’t have to pay gym fees and feel guilty because you haven’t gone again for yet another week.

Benefits Of Exercising In A Gym

When you join a gym you are making a big financial commitment and will have to very disciplined to make sure that you reap the benefits of your investment. If you look at regular gym users you can see how much they have benefitted from attending. Here are five reasons why joining a gym is good:-
Improve health – you will be assessed so that the best exercise program can be written for you. You will be able to monitor how your health is improving.
You get motivated – with the support of others and a little bit of a competitive streak you will want to exercise to look good.
Get professional advice – gyms are staffed by highly experienced trainers who will make sure that you are using the equipment correctly and doing exercises suited to your ability.
Relieve stress – pounding on a treadmill or marching on a cross trainer helps to relieve stress and take your mind off your everyday problems.
Exercise in a group – if you decide to join a Zumba or yoga class you will gain a sense of belonging and you can support each other.

Benefits Of Outdoor Gym Equipment

Outside gym equipment is essentially gym equipment designed to be used outside. The benefits of outdoor gym equipment combines the benefits of exercising outside and in the gym. Each piece of equipment has a set of instructions so that it is used correctly. Outdoor gym equipment is located in areas that are easily accessible and it is free to use it.

If you are interested in installing outdoor gym equipment in your park, recreational area or even your prom please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss our Training Buddies with you.

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