Outdoor Gym Equipment – Good For Mind, Body & Soul

Have you ever bought a gym membership with great intentions and only worked out twice a month? If so neither your bank balance or your body will benefit from your expenditure.

Outdoor gym equipment is a wonderful way to exercise and expose yourself to fresh air and sunshine. The best part is that it is completely free and anyone can use it. Outdoor gym equipment uses the nudge factor to encourage people to use it. The Nudge Theory is a behavioural science that involves guiding behaviour by influencing decisions. A good example is supermarkets putting sweets by the tills so parents buy them for their children to stop them from whining.

Benefits of sunlight

These days we are a little obsessed with wearing sunblock and protecting our skin from the sun’s rays. Ironically by saving our skin we are causing many deficiencies in our body that can make us unwell. Sunlight increases the brain’s release of serotonin which helps us to feel good and more focused on our work. We are more likely to sleep better at night after exposure to sunlight because our bodies will produce melatonin more efficiently.

The chemical reaction of sunlight on our skin enables the production of vitamin D which strengthens our bones.

There is also thought to be a connection between exposure to sunlight and Multiple Sclerosis – people are less likely to suffer from the disease nearer to the Equator, where the sunlight is stronger.

Aerobic exercise

Outdoor gym equipment encourages us to participate in aerobic exercise which involves pumping oxygenated blood around the body and subsequently strengthening muscles. It works by the oxygen burning fat and glucose in muscles and producing adenosine triphosphate, which is an energy carrier for all cells.

You know when you are putting in a sufficient amount of effort because you will be sweating and panting. The aim of aerobic exercise is to improve the efficiency at which oxygen is burnt, increasing stamina and allowing us to enjoy the trim trail for longer.

Be sociable

Outdoor gym equipment encourages you to be sociable because you normally have to walk through a park or along a prom to get to it. You can’t help but say hello to people and stop for a chat. There will be a sense of camaraderie as you all puff and pant with the exertion of exercising.

Although the dynamics of human relationships can be trying at times, being completely alone all of the time is not good for us either. Sharing experiences with other people can sometimes make everything seem so much more real. Also great friendships are made when you all share the same goal.

Benefits to mental health

The positive impact of outdoor exercise on our mental health has been recognised by doctors for quite a while. In fact doctors believe that exercise is as good as taking medication for depression and other health issues.

Doctor Jo Barton and Professor Jules Pretty from Essex University conducted a study that found that exercising in the great outdoors was very beneficial. Although a number of national newspapers published the results the findings were never published formally. The NHS Choices website speculates that this was due to a restricted sample and location, also it could not be proven that the benefits of exercising outside outweighed the benefits of going to the gym. Outdoor gym equipment bridges both types of exercise and allows people to benefit from gym equipment while experiencing the great outdoors.

Benefits of outdoor exercise

Without a doubt exercising outside, whether it is mountain walking, canoeing or just taking your dog for a walk, has many health benefits.

Here are five reasons why you should grab your walking boots and explore the countryside:

1. It boosts your body and mind

Studies of people who participate in outdoor exercise say that they feel revitalised and have increased energy compared to exercising inside.

2. It increases your self esteem

Being close to nature and often by yourself can remove the feeling of being watched so you can push yourself a little harder and set yourself challenges.

3. You may participate more regularly

If being able to exercise involves you walking out of your door without the added effort of having to negotiate traffic you are more likely to take some form of exercise.

4. It increases your intake of vitamin D

Not only does it increase bone strength it can also help you to sleep better at night.

5. It is free

You won’t have to pay gym fees and feel guilty because you haven’t gone again for yet another week.

Benefits of exercising in a gym

When you join a gym you are making a big financial commitment and will have to very disciplined to make sure that you reap the benefits of your investment. If you look at regular gym users you can see how much they have benefitted from attending.

Here are five reasons why joining a gym is good:

1. Improve health

You will be assessed so that the best exercise program can be written for you. You will be able to monitor how your health is improving.

2. You get motivated

With the support of others and a little bit of a competitive streak you will want to exercise to look good.

3. Get professional advice

Gyms are staffed by highly experienced trainers who will make sure that you are using the equipment correctly and doing exercises suited to your ability.

4. Relieve stress

Pounding on a treadmill or marching on a cross trainer helps to relieve stress and take your mind off your everyday problems.

5. Exercise in a group

If you decide to join a Zumba or yoga class you will gain a sense of belonging and you can support each other.

How to use outdoor gym equipment

Most equipment is easily accessible to tempt people to use it. It is brilliant for people who like to combine going to the gym with exercising in fresh air. Participating in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day improves health and wellbeing.

We have become a nation who spend more time exercising our thumbs than our entire bodies. This is having a negative effect on our health causing; obesity, heart problems, depression and a whole host of medical problems. Children are following in our sedentary ways will grow up more unfit than their grandparents.

Making outdoor gym equipment accessible to all gives everyone the opportunity to improve their health for free. Gym membership is costly and out of reach for people with low income. Outdoor gym equipment is free to use and provides all of the information needed to complete a vigorous exercise routine.

Where Do You Find Outdoor Gym Equipment?

Obesity and related illnesses cost the NHS billions of pounds every year. Outdoor gym equipment is a valiant attempt by local councils to encourage people to exercise more.

Outdoor gym equipment is always within sight and free to use. Sometimes it is next to children’s playgrounds so your children play while you workout. Silver surfers defy the years by maintaining muscle mass and strengthening their hearts.

Making it easy to access gym equipment makes exercising easier and hopefully, people will become healthier as a result.

Training Buddies

Training Buddies are exciting pieces of outdoor gym equipment that looks like a big red personal trainer. There are eight Training Buddies altogether each piece exercises a different part of the body. Each Training Buddy is built to EN 16630 safety standards and has clear instructions to ensure you exercise safely.

Sit Up

The Sit Up is the perfect design to help you to do sit-ups correctly without damaging your back. It comprises a headrest, leg rests, instruction panel and the traditional training buddy shape. All you have to do is position yourself correctly and do as many sit-ups you feel comfortable doing. Your stomach muscles will firm up and you will fit into your favourite jeans more comfortably.

Pull Up

The Pull Up is the perfect way to improve your upper body strength. It comprises a training buddy standing tall holding a metal bar. The exercise involves pulling yourself up either in an upper arm or underarm grip. It will make you stronger and help you to lose weight because muscles burn calories effectively.

Press Up

The Press Up is a clever piece of outdoor gym equipment because it helps you to overcome the difficult part of press ups. The incline of the training buddy makes it easier to do press ups and helps to improve upper body strength.

Horizontal Pull Up

The Horizontal Pull Up involves the training buddy lying horizontally with a metal bar held above the head part. All you have to do is lie down and pull yourself up using the horizontal bar. Your muscles benefit from a full work out and you gain strength and dexterity.


The Squat allows you exercise your glutes and quadriceps muscles perfectly. You position yourself on the training buddy which is in the perfect squat position and perfect the technique of squatting.


The Lunge training buddy is in the perfect position to help you perfect the perfect lunge position. All you have to do is copy the training buddy and exercise your gluteus, quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

Shoulder Press

The Shoulder Press training buddy looks like a superhero and after you complete your exercise you will feel like one too. There is a selection of grips to choose from which are suitable for all abilities.

Tricep Dip

The Tricep Dip training buddy suits people of all sizes and helps to improve upper body strength.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Playdale calls its outdoor gym equipment , ‘Training Buddies’, because each piece looks like a personal trainer. Exercises include; Sit – Up, Pull – Up, Press – Up, Horizontal Pull – Up, Squat, Lunge, Shoulder Press and Tricep Dip. There are instructions for each piece of outdoor gym equipment so that you can do the exercises correctly. The Training Buddies can be organised as a complete group or at intervals in a park.

If you are a local council, tourist attraction or playground committee and want to turn your community into healthy citizens please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss your options.

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