Peacock Lane Delighted with New Play Area

The opening of a new Playdale play area in Holt has delighted families in the area following a determined three year campaign to raise funds.

Families flooded to the official opening of the Peacock Lane Play Area as children were excited to get their hands on their new equipment.

The project was a complete overhaul and re-landscape of the old play area that featured a few pieces of old equipment. The playground now showcases a Climber, Little Hamlet, Embankment Slide, Aerial Runway and Timber Team Swing.

The playground was funded by Holt Town Council, the Norfolk Big Society Fund and a number of private donations, which came to a fantastic total of £50,000.

Di Dann, Town Clerk for Holt Town Council, is delighted with the play area and the work that they have received from Playdale, saying: “We are so excited about it and have had some tremendous feedback from local Mums, Dads, Grans and Kiddies. We would like to thank everyone from Will Desborough and the Technical Team and praise the efficiency of everyone at Haverthwaite for their helpfulness and kindness throughout.

“Everything slotted in well with the project and we don’t underestimate the amount of planning involved to do this. Our big thanks must also go to your own contractors who were a delight to work with.

“We have a great community asset to enjoy for years to come, thank you.”

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