People Power Helps to Provide New Play Area

Parc Cei New Quay received a fabulous makeover last month thanks to a valiant effort from determined members of the community.

Residents in the area will be delighted that their efforts to raise funds for a new play area have paid off and children in the area can now enjoy their exciting new play area.

The community group raised all of the money off their own backs through numerous fundraising events and approaching local businesses.

The new play area features a range of our stainless steel ‘City’ products and is packed full of excitement and fun. There are two multi-play climbing frames from our Big City and Little City ranges, a Team and Cradle Swings, a Mini Tunnel, and a dynamic Rota Bounce.

This is a prime example of how ‘people power’ can really make a difference, and is a great testament to the tight-knit community of New Quay.


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