Picnic and Play Yorkshire & Northeast England

We all know how important it is to keep children entertained during the summer holidays. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing for you. Imagine finding an amazing park with exciting play equipment that caters to kids of all ages, and also offers plenty of space to relax and enjoy a picnic. Sounds perfect, right? Well, we’re here to make your search a whole lot easier!

Welcome back to Playdale’s Picnic & Play “where to” series. In these regular news articles, we’ll be sharing some fantastic Playdale playgrounds with incredible play areas located in different regions across the UK. These parks are especially popular among families during the holiday periods. So, let’s get ready to discover some awesome spots for you and your family to have a blast this summer!

Cannon Hall Farm

Bark House Lane, Cawthorne, Barnsley S75 4AT

Get ready for a truly delightful family experience at Cannon Hall Farm! Nestled in the picturesque Pennine foothills, this award-winning farm attraction is guaranteed family fun for everyone. You might even recognise them from their popular TV show on Channel 5!

One of the highlights of Cannon Hall is its adventure playground, which recently underwent a fantastic farm-themed makeover. It’s now even more exciting and perfect for children to explore and have a great time.

Get ready to explore a customised Little Hamlets Plus Tower with a whopping thirteen towers and four thrilling slides. That’s right, thirteen towers! But that’s not all, there are also Play Panels, an Aerial Runway, Animal Springers, a Timber Seesaw, Loudspeakers, an Inclusive Gravity Bowl, and Musical Play Cow Bells & Washboard Chimes. And let’s not forget about the two Snake Swings and the Two Bay Team Swing with Cradle Seats, Parent and Child Seats, and an Inclusive Team Seat.

With plenty of seating available, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic while your children immerse themselves in this fantastic farm-themed playground.

Alnwick Playground

Howling Lane, Alnwick, NE66 1DN

Alnwick is no stranger to both castles and wizards! This enchanting community playground installed on behalf of Alnwick Town Council, in Northumberland caters to all aspiring rulers and magical enthusiasts.

Within the castle-themed toddler unit, there’s a cauldron bubble panel and a Wizard’s lookout panel, complete with a tactile wizard’s beard, as well as a Witches playhouse, all designed to spark exploration and provide photo-worthy moments for the whole family.

Ponderosa Zoo

Off Smithies Lane, Heckmondwike, WF16 0PN

Ponderosa Zoo, originally named Ponderosa Rural Therapeutic Centre, was created in 1991. The centre aimed to ‘bridge the gap’ between disabled and able-bodied people by using the care of animals as a form of therapy. Their mission to inspire people of all ages and abilities through Zoo-led education and engaging experiences.

There is also the amazing Ponderosa Adventure Playground with plenty of outdoor and covered areas to have a picnic alongside the fun. The main attraction here is the junior multi-play unit which provides hours of adrenaline-pumping fun. The Coffee Shop and Lakeside Restaurant is lovely for a sit-down meal, snack or ice cream – all with lovely gardens and surroundings.

If you’re visiting Yorkshire or Northeast England or just passing through, pack a picnic and don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit these fantastic playgrounds for an unforgettable day out!

Wishing you all a happy and fun-filled summer…. why not tag us on social media and use the hashtag #PlaydaleParkPic for your chance to WIN!

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