Picnic and Play in the Midlands

As late summer continues to fade slowly into early autumn, there are still plenty of long and hazy days ahead. Time outdoors with the whole family can be hard to find at other times of the year, and yet summer can feel endless and directionless without something to DO.

With this in mind, Playdale’s Picnic & Play “where to…” series continues, with some great ideas for places to take your kids in the summer holidays. In this edition, we take a look at some fantastic locations in the Midlands. 

With it’s large cities and residential areas, it can be easy to forget that some of England’s best countryside and most famous attractions lie within easy reach from the Midlands. We shine a light on two of our favourite locations, both of which Playdale has had the honour of being part of.

Hardy’s Animal Farm, Skegness

Set in over 7 acres of countryside in beautiful rural Lincolnshire, Hardy’s Animal Farm is a farm and activity centre, with indoor and outdoor activities, and hands-on educational experiences about modern farming. With an array of animals to meet, and experiences suitable for all ages, Hardy’s is a great place to take the family when they’ve exhausted the seaside.

The adventure playground at Hardy’s Animal Farm has some serious pedigree, still going strong 30 years after Playdale installed it! With the addition of an Everest Mountain Tower Plus, Playdale has added a centrepiece from the 21st century into a classic playground. The original timber equipment is still standing proud, and with the new elements adding height and excitement, there is incredible fun to be had on the equipment. You can see Playdale’s amazing hand-drawn illustrations and printed photographs from the original 1970s design.

Between the farming experience, the rural location close to the seaside, and the variety of opportunities to play, Hardy’s Animal Farm provides something for all the family, and is the perfect place to while away a summer’s day.

Hardy’s Animal Farm, Anchor Ln, Ingoldmells, Skegness PE25 1LZ

Ravenhill Park, Brereton

Opened after a long funding campaign by volunteers in the local area, Ravenhill Park is a beautiful open space in an otherwise residential area, with a magnificent Playdale playground at its heart. Designed to be a social hub for families in the area, it makes a perfect break from a long motorway journey.

With a focus on accessible play, the playground features the inclusive Apace Plus as a central focus, with an access ramp, intricate climbing nets and two exciting slides, as well as an Inclusive Orbit roundabout, so everyone can play together. Elsewhere in the playground, there is a Play Galleon Plus, to match the playground’s seaside theme, a timber Two-Bay Swing with seats for a wide age range, a Whale Springer, a Rota Bounce and a Cone Climber. The colourful wet pour surface gives the whole thing a bright and eye-catching finish, as well as a safe place to fall! An exciting Aerial Runway (or zip wire) completes the inventory in style.

An exciting and much-needed addition to the local area, the park brings visitors into this quiet corner of the Midlands, with accessible fun for all the family, and an important lungful of fresh air. 

Ravenhill Park, Main Rd, Brereton, Rugeley WS15 1DU

With summer drawing to a close, it’s important to make the most of what’s left. Whether you live in the Midlands, or are only passing through, there are loads of places in the area to keep the kids entertained, and to enjoy the last of the warm days with your family. 

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