Picnic & Play in the South of England

Playdale’s Picnic & Play ‘Where to…’ series continues, with a visit to the beautiful South of England. In this series, we feature a variety of locations with wonderful Playdale play areas, which are ideal places to take the kids during the long summer holidays.

We’re now well into the summer holidays, and the hot and hazy days can stack up without a bit of variety. We want to help you to find the perfect places to take your family throughout the country. Whether you’re a local or fancy a trip out (now you can!), we’ll give you some great locations to mark on your map, so you can keep everyone interested.

In this edition, we focus on two fabulous play areas in the South, showingcasing very different visions of what a Playdale playground can be. 

Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park, Dorset

Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park is a feast of fun for all the family. A multi-zone aquarium, animal park, wetlands centre, adventure playground and water park, there is so much to do that one visit may not be enough! 

Set in the picturesque seaside town of Weymouth, and near the natural beauty of the Isle of Portland and Chesil beach, this location is the perfect place to bring your family on a sunny day. The Adventure Park itself is located just yards from the seashore, and is right next to RSPB Lodmoor, a country park with a wetland reserve for protected birds.

The Caribbean Cove adventure playground itself had a huge redesign recently, and is one of the largest projects Playdale has undertaken. With a colourful surface built by RTC Safety Surfaces Ltd, and a huge variety of Playdale’s playground equipment, including many for accessible play.

Caribbean Cove features: ‘Calypso Heights’ – a customised Himalayas Mountain Tower with nine (yes nine!) towers and five slides, Play Galleon Plus, Play Ship, Loudspeakers, Canyon Bridge, Timber Joined Logs, Timber Net Bridge, Sleeper Steps, Bubble Tunnel, Boulders, Tree Trunks, bespoke Palm Trees, Lakeland Tables & Bigland Tables, Octopus Crawl Tunnel and a Shark Crawl Tunnel.

This playground is a jewel on the south coast, and the park guarantees an exciting day out for all the family. 

Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park, Lodmoor Country Park, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 7SX

Linear Park, Kings Hill, Kent


Kings Hill is a new live-work community, built on the decommissioned West Malling airfield in Kent. The airfield played an important role in World War II, and the site preserves that heritage through public installations and memorials, keeping the old control tower as a prominent focal point. 

Playdale is proud to have worked with Liberty Property Trust to create an incredible adventure playground in Linear Park. Part of a whole array of playgrounds in the community, Playdale helped to design and equip this site with great equipment; some of our playground favourites, a Timber Adventure Trail, and many other great pieces to challenge and stimulate kids. 

The community is a great example of thinking outside the box when it comes to providing housing, and really sets an example of how modern developments can work in harmony with the surrounding area, providing the best place for locals to picnic and play. 

Linear Park, 59 Hazen Rd, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent ME19 4JU

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, we want to help you keep everyone entertained this summer, and allow your whole family to relax. Pay a visit to these great playgrounds and you’re sure to find a great day out.

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