The world is your playground with our brand new Big City Plus range!

Welcome to the city…the remodelled, refreshed & renewed Big City Plus range of stainless steel modular tower units. This brand new range completely replaces the previous Big City range. Play has been taken to astonishing new heights and each unit is jam-packed with exciting new features. With more modules than ever before these units are guaranteed to become playground favourites.

Dynamic, curved shaping throughout the range provides a totally new play experience.

NEW heights – a 2.8m high tower module!

BIG fun for all – with a host of new play features including; electronic interactive play panels, spiders’ webs, spinners, under bridge trapeze handles, sensory panels, wheelchair accessible platforms, accessible tube slides and many more!

NEW colour combinations – dark blue & orange, purple & yellow and all green. BIG guarantees – 25 year guarantee on all structural stainless steel.

NEW slides – colourful plastic slides as standard (stainless steel slides are optional).

BIG maintenance savings – all units are paint free & require minimal ongoing maintenance.

The Salt Lake City Plus in Cyclam & Yellow

The Salt Lake City Plus in Cyclam & Yellow


Around the world in 18 plays…from Lillehammer to Los Angeles! There are 18 newly designed tower units to

choose from, to suit all needs & budgets, including three fully inclusive units which have been developed & created in collaboration with The Bendrigg Trust; a local organisation of experts who provide outdoor adventures for disabled & disadvantaged people.

St Louis Plus

The St Louis Plus in Blue & Orange

Berlin Plus

The Berlin Plus in All Green


Inclusive Design

Within the new Big City Plus range we have designed and developed three inclusive units with brand new features and systems that have never been seen before on Playdale equipment. These units

were designed in collaboration with The Bendrigg Trust; a leading charity that provides a wide range

of adventure activities for disabled and disadvantaged people and an organisation that Playdale staff voted to support throughout 2017.

Each unit has a variety of access points, to cater for a wide range of abilities and also to ensure there are ample exit points when needed. The overall flow, design and fully inclusive detail throughout means that users can complete and enjoy the full course of the unit from beginning to end, whilst being as independent as possible. This is made possible with the new transfer platforms to use the slides and additional handles at every turn.

A plastic tube slide on each unit provides light/dark sensory stimulation and aids independence. The bump panels on all the ramp floors give an exciting sensory experience whether in a wheelchair or on foot. There are sensory coloured polycarbonate panels along the side of the ramps, and the

new tactile play panels stimulate touch, feel and sound sensory experiences. The Mexico City and Beijing units offer ‘Parallel Play’ experiences were children of all abilities can play together and ‘race’ across the units using the ramp access net. All the units’ satellite platforms are sized to give space to turn and also to park wheelchairs, so users can comfortably enjoy the many play panels.

The fully inclusive Mexico City Plus

The fully inclusive Mexico City Plus in Cyclam & Yellow


Paul Mallinson, Playdale’s Technical and Operations Director, is delighted with the new range, saying:

“We are really pleased with the new designs and believe that they will be a huge success worldwide. Through the use of proven, high quality and durable materials combined with our latest design philosophies we have created a modern, stylish range with sleek, elegant lines. Packed with masses of play value these units provide some fantastic new activities at low and high level which children can enjoy in a safe yet exhilarating way along with all the added benefits of being manufactured from virtually maintenance free materials. We’re delighted with the final result and can’t wait to see children enjoying the new equipment.”

Take a closer look at all of our new products or request a copy of our latest catalogue today. (The virtual catalogue now contains the entire new Big City Plus range.)

Play The World!


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