Playdale – developing a greener future

Monday, 14th October 2019 10:41 am

As consumers grow more conscious of the environment, customers want to support businesses that engage in eco-friendly practices. Here at Playdale we are always looking for better ways to deal with our waste, both economically and environmentally whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

Heating & Lighting Playdale HQ

A warm office is a happy office (especially in the winter). All our heating systems are run off a biomass boiler which is fuelled by wood pellets. We can store approximately 16 tonnes of wood pellets at a time, this is the equivalent weight of 1524 Toadstool Seats! Wood pellets are, of course, a renewable source of energy and the growth of further biomass to fuel such boilers offsets the Carbon dioxide released by their combustion. As a future project to further reduce our carbon footprint we are looking to use sawdust to fuel our biomass boiler system, a by-product of our timber operations.

Over 70% of Playdale HQ and our Global Distribution Centre is lit by LED lights. They are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting such as fluorescent tubes which were used previously. We like to remind all our staff to stay green and turn off the lights when they are not required.

Timber & plastic

Only a few years ago we were sending approximately 150 tonnes a year of waste compacted grade laminate (CGL) to landfill. CGL is manufactured from a mixture of compressed wood and resin which bonds the material together creating an extremely tough, vandal, wear and chemical resistant structure. Due to the bulk of the material being timber and after some laboratory tests, our CGL is now recycled. CGL, alongside any waste timber that is brought back from site or is a byproduct of our timber operations, is recycled and we are now sending zero waste to landfill.

We are always working to continually improve our waste management and plastic is no exception. Currently, our plastic waste is collected by our Facilities Manager and sent away to be recycled. Larger waste, such as unusable, damaged plastic slides is also recycled and sent away to be made into new plastic goods! We currently produce around 60kg of plastic waste per month and as part of an effective waste management strategy, we are looking at plastic baling machines. A plastic baling machine will further reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the frequency of our waste collections.

From turning off lights to recycling our materials, we know the importance of our carbon footprint and will continue to work towards developing a greener business.